Beta Tester Team Requiements


So you would like to be on the iFly GPS Beta Test team?  Great, I appreciate the support!  User testing is one of the keys to ensuring high quality software.  Participation in the program is completely voluntary.  However beta testing is not for everyone; here are some qualifications that make a good beta tester:

  • You enjoy playing around with new technologies
  • You have an eye for catching problems
  • You can tolerate a bug or two or three if they show up; you won't get frustrated if there are problems. (After all, we expect to find problems!)
  • You like to make suggestions for improvements
  • You are proficient on the computer, and on the iFly software

If this sounds like you, then please fill out and submit the form below.  If accepted you will receive an e-mail indicating your account has been upgraded.  You will then have access to the Beta Updates Page, which will appear under the "Updates" menu.  You will also gain access to the Beta forum, which is where we communicate with each other about progress on a beta release.   

For major releases, I recommend you initially stick to “Arm Chair” testing – you can focus on the iFly, dig and play with the features in detail, and bugs are easier to identify and document.  But after that, flight testing is encouraged...this is the best way to get feedback on visibility changes, font sizes, usability, etc.  Just be sure it’s not a navigation critical flight!  If you need to return to a rock-solid version of code, it’s easy to do:  Go to the Updates page (not the Beta Updates) and create an update package with that software; the iFly will automatically uninstall the beta version and replace it with the production version. 

Walter Boyd

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