Monday, February 20, 2017

Finally! An Affordable GPS With The Features Pilots Are Looking For

Moving Map Navigation

The iFly GPS displays your current position and any active flight plan directly on Seamless FAA charts and plates.

The iFly GPS also supports Portrait and Landscape orientation in either North Up or Track Up mode. (Portrait Mode supported on 700/720 and the App for Apple and Android.) 


Flight Planning

The intuitive flight planning interface allows for simple building of multiple waypoint flight plans directly on the charts or the Flight Plan page. 

Additional Flight Planning tools like Flight Filing via Wi-Fi, Vertical Flight Planning. Fuel Prices and FBO Services are included too.  

Terrain Alerts

Terrain Highlighting, Active Obstruction Alerts and Vertical Flight Planning provide confidence and safety.

The Active Alerting System provides a central location for Alerts and more.  iFly Alerts for Terrain, Traffic, Towers, Airspaces and more.

RealView & AutoTaxi+

Provides satellite imaging of over 12,600 Airports. Use for visual reference or for taxiway reference with AutoTaxi+. 

No internet connection necessary.
(not available on the iFly 700 model)

IFR Charts & Plates

Track you position directly over IFR Enroute Charts and Approach Plates.  You also get Departure Plates, STARs, SIDs and more.

iFly GPS also has transparent IFR Plates over charts and a new "Pinned Plates" feature to ease IFR workload!


WAAS Enabled

All iFly GPS models are fully WAAS enabled.  This uses the advanced WAAS system to improve GPS accuracy.

Note: This is not certified for IFR navigation use. It is for supplimental awareness only.



The iFly 740 is Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect to 3rd Party devices including ADS-B transceivers and receivers like SkyGuardTWX, iLevil, Clarity*, SkyRadar for Free In-Air Weather and Traffic

The 720 also supports third party AHRS devices from Levil, Clarity* and more.

See Full ADS-B List Here>>

*Currently shipping iFly 740's now support Clarity.

Instruments Page

The Instruments Panel page simulates real aircraft instruments, gathering information from GPS (or an attached 3rd party AHRS) to create familiar images.

Reference instruments such as HSI, VSI, Groundspeed, Altimeter, Turn Indicator, etc. Add an AHRS and get an Artificial Horizon with Attitude Safety Alerts. 



Flexible Design

The slim lightweight design, iFly 740 measures 7.25" x 4.5" x 0.82" and weighs only 14 ounces, the iFly 520 measures 5.25" x 3.3" x .75", both ensuring flexible mounting options for any application.

With a host of mounting options available, the iFly GPS is a sure fit for any cockpit. (Yoke, Panel, Universal, etc.)

Online Flight Filing

Plan, File, Activate and Close a flight plan right from iFly GPS.  Get a Briefing and File directly through Lockheed Martin Flight Services.

Save and Load prior flight plans with ease.  Also save multiple Aircraft Profiles too.  Sharing to local devices is coming in 9.2, just a week or so away.


Public / Private Airports

 Official databases for both Public and Private airport information.  Data is updated directly from the FAA Data Cycles.

 Create your own Custom Waypoints for those locations that are not on the charts or maps.

A new Interactive NRST page with Emergency Assist and an improved dynamic search is coming in V9.2, just weeks away.  

Wi-Fi/ADS-B Weather & Traffic

ADS-B Weather and Traffic Compatibility with 3rd party receivers such as SkyGuardTWX, NavWorx, Pathfinder, Dual, iLevil and more.

Live NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft and PIREPS without reoccurring monthly fees via a Wi-Fi or ADS-B connection.

Nexrad, METARS, and TAF opacity can be adjusted to maximize chart viewability. 

Built for Aviation

Superior reception, expandability and extreme operating temperature ranges a pilot needs at a fraction of the competition’s price.  Includes a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Designed by Pilots, Tested by Pilots and Recommended by Pilots.


Ultimate Expandability

Serial and NMEA Output support for an Autopilot, EFIS, or other GPS driven devices.

iFly GPS is Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect to 3rd Party devices including ADS-B and AHRS from Levil, Clarity, SkyRadar and others.


iFly Streets

Go from the runway to the highway.

This full-featured road navigation with detailed voice-guided directions, 3D visuals including Lane Guidance, Street Signs, Buildings and Landmarks make any trip simple. Street Smarts and more for only $50. 


Fuel Price & FBO Services

 Comprehensive FBO services and Fuel Prices at no additional charge.  Show fuel prices right on the charts.  Find out FBO services available in the Airport Info page.

These are included in the VFR or IFR subscriptions. Fuel & FBO data provided by:


Extreme Sunlight Readability

See what sets the Extreme Sunlight Readable iFly 740 above the competition!  It's 3x brighter than iPads and most other tablets.  The iFly 740 and iFly 520 sunlight-readable GPS models won’t break the bank or your eyes!
Perfect for bright open cockpits. This new advanced screen technology allows you to enjoy flying even more.

Intuitive Interface

It doesn't get any easier.  The iFly is simple to operate and maintain. HAve the same interface on a "dedicated GPS" and a "Tablet Solution" that was built by pilots for pilots.

"It's Simply Amazing!  iFly"
Available as a "Dedictated Device"
or on Apple and Android Tablets.

Simplicity and Affordability Pilots are searching for!

The iFly GPS delivers an incredible value for VFR and IFR Pilots. Quickly and safely get needed information from the iFly GPS and get back to flying.  

Comprehensive and Affordable Updates that won't break the bank.  The VFR subscription is $69.99 per year and the combined IFR/VFR subscription is only $109.99. All data subscriptions include an unlimited number of updates throughout the year, and include software updates so you always have the latest and greatest features to maximize your investment. 

The iFly GPS is setting new standards for aviation navigation.


Advanced Features & Future Expandability!

  • Geo-Reference Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams add supplemental VFR and IFR awareness. 
  • Enhanced Pre-Flight Weather provides an interactive map with graphical VFR/IFR visuals and allows for touch reporting of METARS, TAFs and Winds Aloft at your fingertips.
  • ADS-B Weather and Traffic Compatibility with 3rd party receivers. Live NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft and PIREPS without reoccurring monthly fees.
  • NMEA Output support for an Autopilot, EFIS, or other GPS driven device. 
  • Future Expandability ensures longer useful life while benefiting from the latest software features.




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