Monday, February 20, 2017

The iFly 740 GPS

  • Extreme Sunlight Readable Touchscreen
  • 3x-4x brighter than most iPad / Androids
  • Built-In Emergency Battery
  • Faster Processor & Twice the RAM
  • Improved WAAS GPS Receiver
  • Simple Wi-Fi Updating
  • iFly Streets is Optional, $50
  • and much more...






Technical Specifications*
Dimensions: 7.25" x 4.5" x 0.82"
LCD 7-inch Extreme Sunlight Readable
Emergency Battery: Built-In
Power Input: DC 12V~28V
Current Draw: 900mA @ 12V
Weight: 14.5 Ounces
GPS Antenna: WAAS Capable
Operating Temp Range: 14°F to 140°F
Storage Temp Range: -4°F to 176°F

Subject to change or improvements without notice.
What's In The Box:  Pre-Loaded iFly 740, Suction Mount, AC Power Cord, DC Power Cord, Remote Control, Soft Case, 2-month Trial VFR/IFR Update Subscription.
Extreme Readability
The iFly 740 Outshines the Competition!
The brightest sunny day and clear bubble canopies are no match for the new iFly 740. Perfect for those extra bright cockpits with extra brightness to power through the sun's challenges.
Never has there been such advanced hardware at such a great price.  This sunlight-readable GPS won’t break the bank or your eyes!
Built for Aviation Use
Built-In Power for Emergency or On-the-Go updating. 
The iFly 740 now packs an internal circuit protected Li-Po battery to provide approximately 30 minutes of internal backup power.
Use the internal battery to perform a quick update via Wi-Fi, Check the Weather or File your Flight Plan prior to flight time.
The iFly 740 is unplugged!
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Fast Updates and Filing from Almost Anywhere!
With the iFly 740's powerful built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy fast and easy automated data updates and Nexrad Weather. 
Use the new Online Flight Filing feature through Lockheed Martin Flight Services. Plan, File, Activate and Close right from the 740.
Fly Streets™ is Optional
Go straight from the runway to the highway. 
Our new full-featured road navigation GPS feature for the iFly GPS. Detailed voice-guided directions, 3D visuals including Lane Guidance, Street Signs, Buildings and Landmarks make any trip as simple as a Sunday afternoon drive.  Get comprehensive details on nearby Hotels, Restaurants, Gas Stations with "Find a Place" feature.  It's better than having the AOPA Directory; this has it all—both near and far from the airport.  All for this for only $50.
Travel with Confidence! iFly Streets


Satisfaction Guaranteed
Try it for 30-Days
"I guarantee you will love this GPS. If you are not satisfied return it within 30 days*. I'll give you a full refund, including S&H and annual subscription fees. I'll even reimburse your return shipping. This is a risk-free purchase!"
Walter Boyd
President and Owner
Advanced Planning
Plan your next flight on official VFR and IFR charts with access to public and private airports. Charts are adjustable to your liking and presented in a choice of Day or Night mode—staying comfortable for all eyes.
Rubber Band route planning is as simple as touching and dragging your route line to the desired waypoints, you can even plan for vertical terrain.  Flight planning has never been so easy!
Navigation Simplified
While in flight the iFly GPS presents your position over official charts with un-paralleled clarity due to our extensive chart optimization process. 
Everything from Pre-Flight Weather to loading a past flight or Filing a Flight Plan.
Annual Update Subscriptions start at $69.99 for VFR and $109.99 for IFR. 
Active Alert System
As you fly, the iFly GPS uses an Active Alert System to monitor and generate warnings of approaching concerns. Configurable by airspace type, distance, altitude buffer—receive warnings based on your flying style with alerting in one central location.  
Other key alert types include: Airspace Alerts, Terrain, Obstruction Warnings and Vertical Speed to Target Alerts and more. Traffic Alerts are included when an ADS-B Receiver is connected. 


iFly 740 vs iFly 720 Sunlight Comparison
Full Sun - 740 is on the right


The new iFly 740 is twice as bright as it's predecessor and competitors and 3x-4x brighter than iPad / Android devices. Never has there been a portable GPS with this brightness for such a great price. 

Smart technology, dims the screen on power loss to maximize the internal emergency battery, yet stay as readable as the competiton. 

The curcuit protected lithium-polymer battery offers exception useable life, while delivering safety and the power you need to continue on course in an emergency.



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