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The iFly GPS app is designed to enhance the flying experience through a comprehensive and intuitive user interface. Adventure Pilot listens to feedback from pilots, CFIs, and monitors aviation trends to develop a practical and simple-to-use aviation app for pilots. The hassle-free iFly GPS app is designed for ease-of-use, affordability, and to allow for simple integration with any pilot’s flight routine.

It's Simply Amazing VFR and IFR Awareness

iFly GPS is feature packed with high-resolution geo-referenced sectional maps, IFR Low En-route charts, Approach Plates with highlighted Special Use Airspace and more. Pilots have a full Airport Facility Directory, complete with public and private airports in a revolutionary simple to use format.

Advanced Flight Planning

iFly GPS is great for planning your flight. No more paper charts or worries. Simply set your Departure and Destination, then pan along your route line and re-route around any airspaces or obstructions with our "rubber-band" planning feature.

Fly in the mountains much? Use our exclusive Vertical Flight Planning feature to get a relative terrain view along with a vertical profile of your flight plan. This will allow you to set individual waypoint and assign altitudes, making you more confident by sculpting your route through a mountain pass.

If you really want a treat, use our Simulation Mode. You can build a complete Plan or Approach, then enable Sim Mode and fly that procedure with set of onscreen controls. But it does not stop there. You can even pull up a past flight, then enable Sim Mode and play that flight or procedure back at the speed of your choice.

Choose your Instruments Wisely

We aim to bring pilots a hassle-free experience with the ability to set your on-screen instruments and sizes to your liking and personal flying needs. Choose from the dynamic on-screen instrument boxes and even an HSI ad AH (w/connected AHRS).

Want an emergency back pack, try our Instruments Mode for a interactive experience with traditional gauges and a look and feel that you've not experienced before.

RealView Airports

Adventure Pilot adds a revolutionary feature with RealView Airports.  iFly GPS can now preview satellite airport images for over 12,600 US airports with runway outlines upon approach, during taxi or before takeoff. RealView satellite images are specially processed and stored in the software, so no Internet required!


The AutoTaxi+ feature includes geo-referenced Airport Diagrams for over 950 U.S. airports. AutoTaxi+ automatically shows an Airport Diagram during the taxi phase of your flight, when available. During the takeoff roll the iFly will seamlessly transition to chart for navigation. AutoTaxi+ allows the pilot to quickly identify runways, taxiways and hangars, all while seeing the aircraft’s exact location on the screen to better follow arrival or departure taxi instructions with confidence.

iFly GPS takes what other call AutoTaxi to another level... AutoTaxi+. iFly GPS users gain access to over 12,600 additional geo-coded RealView satellite airport images-- great for on-field and visual awareness referencing. AutoTaxi+ determines whether there is an official Taxi Diagram available. If it’s a smaller or private airport without one, iFly GPS will use the satellite image that is pre-loaded instead.

RealView Airport on iPad Mini

A Pilot Friendly Interface Designed How a Pilot Thinks

Simple Swipe Updating

iFly GPS uses a very simple and no non-sense update method. Simply swipe the path or states you want to download, then select the chart types for VFR or IFR and "Update Now". Our simple-to-use color code map easily lets you see what is current and what needs updating.  Green is current, Red is expired and White is not installed- doesn't get any easier.

Intuitive Pilot Interface

Your navigation app should be a tool, not a distraction. One of the key things we focus on at Adventure Pilot is just this. We have a very close bond with our customers and value our fellow pilot feedback to the highest detail.  We are confident that you will find your way through the iFly GPS functions with ease and little transition.  It's as simple as touch an object and choose what you want to do next. Our pilot friendly interface will guide you along with the least amount of touches, allowing you to keep your eye outside of the cockpit.

We developed iFly GPS for iPad for over the past year and is largely built on the backbone of the dedicated iFly 720 aviation GPS.  The iFly GPS app has been redesigned to compliment the iPad, even the new look and feel of iOS7. Furthermore, the iOS, Android and iFly GPS models will share the same look and functionality starting in early 2014, making iFly GPS the first completely universal pilot navigation suite.

DeClutter Your Charts with iFly!

Try our Dynamic Vector Map Mode

With iFly GPS for iPad, our custom-built Vector Mode simplifies your mapping experience. It dynamically shows more or less detail depending on your zoom level. Additionally, you can opt for Weather Mode when connected to Wi-Fi or an ADS-B Receiver or Transceiver. Zoom in for extra detail with our Macro Zooming and enable the RealView Airports image. Watch your plane fly right from the basemap onto the Airport Image without a single touch.

Vector Mode shows Airports, Airspace, SUA, Obstructions, Terrain, Water Features, Major Roads, and more all shown dynamically. Your iFly GPS even gives you an option for a Low Contrast Night Mode making those night flights easy on your eyes, even on the charts.

Do you prefer Track-Up mode? The iFly Vector Mode is perfect for you as all visual details are dynamically drawn on the screen so they rotate in relation to your track. Your iFly GPS gives you more details in Vector Mode than our competition. Many of the major iPad Apps miss this one altogether. Not iFly GPS.

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