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12/9/2019 12:58 AM


Where are you located? I am sure one of us who is nearby to you would be more than happy to sit down and help you get all setup.




Joe wrote:

I bought the XGPS150A September 4, 2018. It took till November to get in up and running (after many phone calls and day wasted on the computer).  I went flying a couple of weeks ago and found that my pets ription was expired and I had no navigation.  No WiFi at the airport so I drove the hour home and two weeks later I still haven’t been able to renew.  System says it can’t open the iFly store.  So I went to the store through google and there the renewal was $10. more plus it says free delivery.  Are they going to mail something and make me wait?  I won’t pay that on principle.  The system also forgot my pass word so I had to reset it.  I called iFly and it’s Saturday, they will be back in office Monday.  Would anyone like to buy a very lightly used XGPS150A and fire, CHEEP !!  I’m going back to dedicated Garmin.


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12/9/2019 9:32 PM
Alberto wrote:

I took time today to review all the discussions on the forum. Lots of interesting issues on the table. One theme seems to be universal. Most, if not all of Walter's clients are extremely satisfied with the IFly. It is an impressive unit that does considerably more than anything in the market, even if it costs several orders of magnitude less than the competition. We have an additional "feature": the company's owner is "one of us". Walter and his staff truly care about the product.

A couple of additional things to note:

  1. It is very important for all of us to make it know in our circles that this product is unbeatable.
  2. The subscription issue should not be an issue at all. The price is so reasonable that there is no excuse to have current data. Additionally, we should all be interested in the company making money with this product so that they can continue providing the incredible service they provide to us. (Plus Walter is a good guy!)
  3. Wish lists are great. However, we need to trust the priorities established by the company, as they see all the requests and know the feasibility of each one.
  4. I hope that we don't push to turn the IFly into a mediocre unit for all uses. I would much rather have the excellent aviation unit than one full of automotive stuff that detracts features and resources from the aviation portion. In my opinion, there should be no automotive capability in this unit. You can buy a $60.00 automotive Garmin rebuilt unit and use it in the car if necessary, not your $500.00 IFly.

Thanks for fighting for all of us who don't suscribe to the theory that you need to pay $3,000.00 to have the best GPS on the market.

Alberto, spot on! Thanks for posting this. I'm a big fan also.

Mike N714AJ

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