Update Options
Updating Options for your iFly Devices

There are 2 prerequisites before an update can be performed: 
   1) You must have a subscription
   2) Your device must be associated with your subscription. 

If you purchased a unit from us, it will include a Subscription Card – simply follow the instructions on that card to initiate your subscription and link your device to your account.  If you purchased your device from a 3rd party, and don’t have a Subscription Card, you can purchase a subscription through our online store – then use this form to request we link your iFly to your subscription.

Once these steps are done, we have 3 methods of updating your iFly GPS.  These options only apply to iFly Devices - if you wish to update a tablet or phone, please skip down to the next section.

1 - iFly Connect

This is a super easy and fast way to update your iFly device.   You must have a Windows computer to use this option. 

iFly Connect Instructions

2 - WiFi Update

If you have one of our WiFi enabled devices (iFly 720 or iFly 740), then you can connect your device to your WiFi network, and then your iFly can update directly over the Internet. 

Connect to WiFi Tutorial
WiFi Update Tutorial

3 - Update Package

This method works for any device on any computer.  It works by downloading an Update Package to a USB thumb drive. 

Create Update Package Instructions

Updating Your Tablet/Phone

First, connect your tablet or phone to the Internet.  We suggest WiFi because there is a lot of data to download, but small updates could be done over your wireless carrier network – just be aware of your data limits and possible overage charges. 

A subscription is required to perform an update.  We suggest you purchase this through our online store.  If needed, you can link your App to your subscription – do this in the iFly App by touching Menu -> About -> My Account, then enter your email and password.

Once connected to the Internet with a valid Subscription, updating couldn’t be easier:  Touch Menu -> Check For Updates.