iFly GPS App

iFly GPS App

iFly GPS delivers the perfect combination of affordability, capability, and usability for both VFR and IFR Pilots. Safely and quickly get the information you need so you can focus on flying! 


Universal Pilot-Friendly Interface

One platform for all devices! ...  

Local Device Sharing

iFly GPS is great for planning your flight too. With iFly GPS, you can take it a step further. Use our simple flight planning interface to build and plan your entire flight, then share it with other connected devices running iFly GPS.  It's all about ease of use and reducing your workload.  That's the iFly GPS way. 

Build your flight on your iFly, iPad or Android at home, then share with your Android or iFly 740 once at the plane. Your route line will also move and sync your flight plan between devices if you re-route around any airspaces or obstructions with our "rubber-band" planning feature.  Once in Share Mode, you only need to make changes to your plan once and those are shared to your other devices. 

Coming soon... you'll be able to flight plan on popular tools like AOPA Flight Planner, SkyVector and more. Then simply share it with your other iFly GPS device. We'll also be adding some powerful cloud, device and account syncing along with some pilot social media features as well. Stay tuned.  


Exhaustive ADS-B Compatibility

iFly GPS supports just about all the ADS-B devices on the market.  From Certified Transcievers to Experimental and portable ADS-B receivers including Dual, Dynon, FreeFlight, Lynx, iLevil, NavWorx, Ping, SkyGuardTWX and more.  You have the capability of seeing ADS-B weather and Traffic on Apple, Android or iFly GPS devices.  

The iFly 740 is Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect to 3rd Party devices including WiFi enabled ADS-B transceivers and receivers for Free In-Air Weather and Traffic.  Currently the iFly 740 does not support Bluetooth. 

The 720 also supports third party AHRS devices from Dual, Levil, Clarity, SkyRadar and more.

See Full ADS-B List Here>>





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