Designed for Bright Cockpits

iFly 740b

iFly GPS Optimized

The next evolution of the iFly Aviation Portable has arrived!  Packed with an 1100 nit screen and all the features from iFly GPS, this sunlight-readable portable won't break the bank!

WiFi Enabled

Fast Updates and filing from almost anywhere!  You can connect to a WiFi hotspot and enjoy fast and easy automated data updates, NEXRAD Weather and more.

WAAS GPS Enabled

The iFly 740b is fully WAAS enabled.  This uses the advanced WAAS system to improve GPS accuracy.  Note: the iFly 740b is not certified for primary IFR navigation.

ADS-B In, Autopilot and EFIS Support

NMEA output that can drive most Autopilots and connect with a EFIS.  ADS-B In Traffic and Weather can be received from most ADS-B devices.

Super Bright Screen

Sunlight readable, 1100 nit screen that is 2x brighter than an iPad and other tablets.  Perfect for bright and open cockpits!

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