"I have been using IFLY GPS on my Android units for years now and am constantly impressed with both the IFLY system and the staff. The system just gets better and the staff are open to suggestions and quick to respond to my questions. I have finally convinced one of my flying buddies to get IFLY. He says he tried it years ago and is now impressed with all the improvements. We both use it with our newly installed Navworx ADS-B units.... "      -John     'Avid Flyer MK4
   "For years I have traveled the countryside with my dependable 700. I have a Stratus 2S and my iPads and iPhones 6+. I love my nexrad and synthetic vision but I would never leave the airport without my iFly. So... With the help of my friend Shane from Adventure Pilot I very recently upgraded to the 740. The difference is remarkable. There is so much more available with the 740. And with the assistance of my friend Sarah, I have now added the full VFR/IFR package to my 740 and now I honestly believe I have the very best of all worlds. Local flights just require the 740, and long cross countries now have redundant systems available to me. iFly. Never leave home without it."     -Lydell Newby     'Hot Rod Cherokee 140
   "After seeing the iFly 740, I'll never use android again!  Love it!"     -Leslie Teaff
   "I downloaded the I FLY GPS app to my android phone, a 1st gen moto x with 16 g of memory. I have been so very pleased with the performance of this product! I ran it side by side with a big name competitor and found it easier to use, a more intuitive interface, and faster to navigate to data I wanted. Originally, I FLY GPS was intended for backup purposes. But I found myself relying upon it for much more than backup. I have flown several flights with it in 30 day trial mode and it has performed exactly as expected and advertised. I intend to purchase the subscription 25 days from now. Thank you for a great product at a great value!"     -AL     Cessna 172 & 59 Shortwing Piper
   "Your runway extensions with the numbers right side up and easy to read are GREAT! Makes it so easy to get in the pattern at an unfamiliar airport. My Garmin 396 has runway extensions but they are hard to see, and no numbers. You guys did it right!!"     -Barrie     '2006 StingSport
   "We use iFly on our Samsung Galaxy Tab S and have the audio alerts set to sound off. In the Cardinal, I interfaced the bluetooth audio from the tab to a automobile type bluetooth unit that feeds the audio through a mini-plug to our Garmin audio panel through the music input. So far so good, we get the audio output from the iFly app via the bluetooth adapter fed into our headsets. All in all, we love the iFly GPS app and its functionality... wouldn't trade it for anything else available on the market."     -Mark and Joyce     '71 Cardinal
   "We just returned from a long Bahamas weekend. Last night, I attempted to file an International flight plan through DUATS, fltplan.com, and AOPA without success. They all stated that a VFR flight plan cannot be done on those sites. I had used DUATS for previous trips, but something has changed that I am not yet aware of. Without cell coverage or access to phone lines to contact WX Brief, I remembered that flight planning was available on IFly software. So, 3 minutes later I had a plan filed in order to come back to the good ole US and meet with our genuinely friendly Border and Customs people. I did a follow up call to WX Brief once in the states to ensure that all was correct. Way to go IFly! You saved what would have been a very aggravating delay in getting this task completed. "     -Greg Piehl
   "Best service and constant improvements make this the best company in the GPS market! Every issue that has come up has been resolved with a fast response by the AP Team. I have both the iFly-720 and the new iPad App in the cockpit now."     -Ernie Bryant     Cessna 170
   "After fumbling through all those paper charts on my X country's I decided to try the iFly setup on my iPad coupled with the dual 150 remote GPS unit. Wow! Why did I wait so long. I now have 4 trips from central Oregon to southern California and back via the eastern LA basin and never questioned where I was at in regards to airspace and position. truely an amazing tool for the cockpit. I carry it every time I fly even on locals, and have every selected map at my disposal at the touch of the screen. Thanks iFly."     -Eze dude     Vari eze / 65 pa -28/140
   "Recently trapped in the clouds over the mountains on a trip from Deland FL (DED) to Bolton Field OH (TZR), I filed IFR in the air and relied on my awesome IFLY 720 for navigation. My IFLY 720 paired with the SkyGuardTWX UAT Transceiver kept me informed of my exact location and all the mountains around me. It was awesome to fly the sectional instead of a green background. The GPS was on the mark with pressure altitude, and it certainly was great to see the traffic well before ATC called out. Thank you Adventure Pilot for GREAT piece of equipment."     -John Shell     Cessna 172
   "I was a bit skeptical about the claims vs the price but went ahead and bought a 720. I shouldn't have worried...what a great tool! I did a VFR delivery in my new (to me) Cherokee from KY to FL through unfamiliar airspace. The 720 was intuitive to use, has an excellent display and with an ADS-B receiver through WiFi, displayed "real time" WX, NOTAMS, etc. at any location I chose along the route. I can't wait to see the WX radar...I didn't have any significant WX on my first trip. The 720 kept me clear of any "undesirable" airspace while guiding me confidently into unfamiliar airports. I haven't even scratched the surface on all its features but have already received my money's worth. Had a glitch in my SD card when I first fired it up, but one call to the guys had a new SD card overnighted to me to save the day...and my trip. Excellent customer service. Excellent product."     -Rob P     Cherokee 140
   "My iFly 720 is just the GPS solution I have been waiting for! The 720 fits perfectly at the top of the radio stack in my 1957 PA22-150 Piper Tripacer. The 720 is mounted so that it is removable and I even have the eternally mounted GPS antenna connected. I have my iFly 720 fused into the electrical system's 12VDC with the iFly's external battery inline as a backup power source in the event I ever have a power failure. Getting the latest weather & TFR updates with WI-Fi next to the clubhouse is very simple and convenient. When Wi-Fi wasn't available, I downloaded the iFly Connect updater to the computer so I could update my SDHC card from the FBO PC and have the current weather & TFRs. At this time, I do not have an ADSB receiver, but I know my iFly 720 supports most models on the market."     -Chuck Mangos     1957 PA22-150 Piper Tripacer
   "I recently flew from Pearland, Texas (LVJ) to Perry, Florida (40J). I had purchased an IFly 520 for backup navigation. It was my first aviation GPS. My basic plan was to fly Victor airways using my VOR radios. Most of that went as planned until I left Marianna, Florida (MAI) in the late afternoon on my way to Perry. The 2500 foot forecast ceilings began to lower. Rain and mist began and got heavier and heavier. It slowly got darker and darker. Tallahassee Approach told me I was to low to continue tracking. So there I was at 800 feet, in the dark, mist and rain with pine forests and swamps below. I then knew I needed an ace-in-the-hole. I selected "Find Airport" on my IFly 520 and keyed in "40J". It popped up and gave me my position and bearing to the airport. After 30 minutes, I knew I was close and keyed the CTAF frequency 5 times. Up came the lights. The most welcome sight I have ever seen. With all of Northern Florida in IFR conditions, I would have been in deep trouble without the IFly. The IFly will now be my primary navigation instrument with the VOR receivers for backup. Thanks to Adventure Pilot for a great, reasonably priced aviation GPS."     -Pat O'Bryant     Cessna 172M
"Let me start by saying "Simply amazing". What awesome tools for anyones flight bag! Made my first flight yesterday with my newly purchased IFLY 720 paired with the SkyGuardTWX UAT Transceiver. Surprisingly, the GPS was on the mark with pressure altitude, and it certainly was great to see the traffic well before ATC called out. Lots of military traffic in the area and I could see it on the 720 well before I could visually ID. Although I did lose ADS-B coverage for a short period of time during the flight. But the 720 told me I had no coverage when signal was lost. Thanks IFLY and SkyGuardTWX, for giving the aviation community such an awesome, affordable tool for situational awareness!"     -Frank Spence     Piper PA-28-181 Archer II
"I own a Beechcraft Bonanza, and I wanted to update an older GPS I had in the plane, so I started searching, and found this Ifly 720, by Adventure Pilot. Initially, and probably naturally, I was skeptical; having been a Garmin Guy, I couldn't really wrap my head around the idea that some smaller company might even....compete? So, I read all of the reviews, looked HARD to find anybody who would say anything at all bad about this company & it's products, to no avail. Literally, NO bad reports. I bought an Ifly 720 & started using it, found out that (A) I don't need a User Manual & (B) it outperforms ANY GPS I've ever seen and (C) when you call them, you get good answers, every time. Exceptional units, great support, totally intuitive, very fine product. Recommend it fully over any other GPS in the market, and if you call me I'll tell you why it beats them all. Chris Walsh, Broker Revolutionary Realty 208-667-1776 www.revrealty.us"     -Chris Walsh     Bonanza
"I recently completed a round-trip journey of 1850 miles from Peterborough, Ontario to Crossville, Tennessee using my IFly 720. It provided everything I needed for planning and navigation without having to use any paper charts."     -Doug Raby     Sonex
"Simple to use and understand, had bought a Garmin and spent many hours trying to figure it out but opted to try the IFly 520. What a great decision as I was up flying with it within an hour. Going to buy a 720 as a back up unit and larger screen but very happy with 520. VERY GOOD VALUE!"     -Don Burns     Cherokee 6
"I just picked up my new to me RV-12 at a private strip in Stonewall, OK. Just before leaving SW Washington to pick it up I purchased the iFly 720 as a backup to the Garmin 396 installed in the plane. On the flight back via Gallup, NM - Jean, NV - Lakeview, OR and home just north of PDX, I found that the iFly 720 was my go to navigation aid. I found the Garmin 396 to be cumbersome to use and, near the end of my trip, it began to act up, first losing it's back lighting and then refusing to reboot. What led me to choose the iFly 720? I sold my RV-3A about 18 months ago and the pilot hired to ferry it to Virginia was using an iFly700 --- he was very happy with it and it was the only navigation tool he had in the plane. The iFly 720 will be going with me everywhere the RV-12 goes."     -John Warren     RV-12 LSA
"The IFLY 720 is everything they say it is and more. Flew 4 hours this last weekend with it and it responds to input in plenty of time for my 90mph Ercoupe. Pulled the Airmap 1000 out of the panel although a great GPS, not sunlight readable in its grey scale. I am so impressed not only as GPS but all the other functions for the money. I often fly the mts of Arizona and the terrain avoidance feature is a must. Hey less money than a Zulu 2 or Bose 20 headset and ten times more value!!!!"     -Mark Walter     1947 415CD Ercoupe
"I just upgraded to the iFly 720 from the original model. WOW, the daylight visibility is excellent. Next was the addition of the Clarity ADS-B unit. Weather and traffic, and back up AHRS. I am enjoying my gadgets."     -Steve Blank     Cessna 170B
"i previously owned several garmin handhelds and most recently a lowrance 2000C. the 2000C unit was really nice, but of course support for it ceased a few years ago. i felt that replacing it would be a step back in technology and maybe price. the iFLY 720 surprised me on both counts. almost as soon as i first powered up the 720, i found it incredibly easy to navigate. even my 2000C wasnt that easy! and forget the garmins; none was as intuitive as the 720. i have flown with it only once, due to weather. but that trip was easy and the 720 fit right in. i am very pelase at this point. the only 2 things i miss are the auto-zooming the 2000C did and the less smudgy screen on the 2000C. in other ways, the 720 supersedes it. well done 'adventure pilot'. "     -jim / funflyingguy     pa28-140 / 1967 piper cherokee 140
"It's been about a year and a half since I got my iFly 700 and I can't be any more pleased with a GPS. The display is always crisp, the unit is simple to use and I've rarely had any problems with it at all. The size is just right for a Cherokee cockpit and the support from Walter, Shane, and the entire iFly community is outstanding! I plan to use the 700 in July for the trek to EAA Airventure; my first time flying to the event. I look forward to the 700 leading me right up to the outskirts of Ripon!! Thanks for a great GPS!"     -Sam Washington     Piper Cherokee 140
"I've had an iFly 700 and now an iFly 720 for quite a while; love it. It is such a great device and now even better. I just bought a SkyGuard TWX pro and now the 720 is amazing. You'll love the world it opens up to you. Together a winning combination."     -Gary Lyons     Cessna TR182
"My 700 is the perfect size for a somewhat cramped biplane cockpit. The screen is big enough to show everything I need to navigate by but small enough to leave room for control movement and looking at the other gauges. Plus I don't have to deal with a big paper map in a small space and a 120Kt breeze. It also is a great way to find out about those surprise pop-up TFR's during forest fire season."     -Larry Nemecek     N6JJ SkyBolt
"Today was the first time that I have ever used a GPS in an Airplane. I have been out of aviation for 27 years and just started back to flying. I was an old Taylorcraft pilot with no avionics in the plane since it was a 1946 model. But today was absolutly incrediable!!!! There was no looking for towers, following roads, and circuling water towers to see where I'm at, if you know what I mean. SUPER job guys I have the 720 and it was great I don't think you could ask for anything better. I have told no less than 10 pilots about it after todays flight.Tell your staff "Good Job" !!!! I can't wait until I fly next week to use it. Thanks again."     -George Kretschmann     Cessna 172
"I have the I-Fly 700. It is absolutely the easiest and best piece of equipment. Have been around the Garmin's and others and none is as good as this one. Every time I have called Adventure Pilot they have gone out of their way to be helpful. If you need one better get one. You will not regret it. "     -Charlie Brower     1948 Piper PA 17 Vagabond
"Best bang for the buck by far. Never fails, easy to use and picks up the satellite before any of the garmins do. Friendly people at Adventure Pilot will go beyond the call to help any way they can. Will never be in the aircraft with out my iFly GPS "ever"."     -Mike B     Glastar
"I received my 720 yesterday. It is simply awesome; so intuitive and logical. The bright screen is way ahead of Garmin. GOOD JOB !!"     -Larry DeCamp     
"I have had them all, but this GPS is the most easily-used and informative unit I have ever had. I particularly like the fact that it knows and identifies ALL airports, private, restricted, and otherwise. Most GPS unit will not "find" small private strips even though they are shown on charts. Thanks for a great product     -Edclee     C 172
"I saw the iFly 720 and decided I would call Adventure Pilot directly as the reseller I spoke with didn’t have enough information about the unit to make me make the plunge to buy. I spoke with Shane at AP and he spent a very generous amount of time with me going over the unit. By the time I was done with what I needed to know I ordered the unit I received my iFly 720 yesterday (3/22/12). I got in the plane and put that unit to work immediately. I am a technologist by profession and the design and upgrade path of this unit is a work of genius. Too bad the big boys don't get it! This is a MUST HAVE piece of equipment that is priced for all to own. I had good expectations when I ordered it, but after getting it in my hands any doubts were immediately dismissed. This is a must for all flight bags. This unit will change how you navigate. Price, performance, and ease of use get an A+ from this pilot. "     -RJR4540Kim L.     Cessna 172M
"The mark of a good company is not that they don't make mistakes but how they recover from one when they do as everyone makes a mistake now and then. I give iFly GPS an A+ for their efforts. Some how my order got lost and I called the day before I was leaving on a 900 mile trip to Houston. They saw their mistake and sent my 700 overnight to my first stop. It arrived 3 hrs before I did. Can't ask for better than that. With 7 Types and 20,000 hrs I've seen lots of nav systems and I like this one. It's easy to use, intuitive, and just the right size for my Mooney. Thanks iFly! "     -Cliff Biggs     Mooney
"This is a must for us sport pilots that take off from local airports and need to know what airspace were flying in. My airport is in class g airspace but within a minute, I'm aproaching class b. The IFly alerts along with its interactive moving map always let me know where I am and where I'm going. It's the envy of all the guys."     -Angelo C     Powered Parachute
"I've owned my iFly700 for about two years but my flying has been seriously curtailed by family schecules and gas prices. I was tempted to buy the iFly720 for use in my car, but just procrastinated long enough to be elated to see the offering of the Streets database upgrade for the 700. What a great addition!!! The presentation is one of the best I've used and I've owned at least half a dozen automotive gps units, including the built-in one in my Toyota. A bargain price for a great upgrade to the iFly700!"     -Jim C     PA-14-200, C185
"I might be a little premature here since I just took it out of the box a couple of hours ago, but the screen comes up and says "Simply Amazing". I have programmed 2 flights, one a 480 mile flight with 6 waypoint jogs, loaded up and looked at all the approach plates, all airport information, etc., and feel like I am ready to go. I cant wait to get to the airport tomorrow to use it. I am receiving 8 GPS satellites in my living room. I guess I really should download the instruction manual when I get time in case there might be something I missed trying to do. What an easy to use product, Simply Amazing."     -801Driver     Zenith 801, Cherokee 235
"I have flown for over 51 years and have watched as new aviation navigational equipment comes available for general aviation. When I saw the ifly 700 about a year and a half ago, checked out the price/ and ease of operation, I said "I am going to get it". I did and I am very please to use it in my skylane whether I am flying local or on my monthly 320 nm trips I take to Northern California. I mounted the ifly on my yoke where it is very easy to see and operate. "     -Robin C Brooks     1975 Cessna Skylane
"When I started flying 5 years ago I looked at Garmin, expensive, hard to understand program logic ( at least for my old brain) and updates were costly. I bought a Lowrance 2000c, happy with it but no charts but similar to the one on my boat, bought a subscription to get paper charts and AFD (if you live in Michigan that's four Sectionals just to cover the State). Fast forward,Lowrance bails on Aviation and I need something new. I'm VFR only, tired of paper, iPad's are too bulky,still can't easily figure out Garmin (Aera too small,696 too big) menu logic, so then I see an Ad for iFly, money back guarantee, read all the stuff on line but I want to speak with someone, so I call. Amazing, a really great guy answered all my question and he was from the good old USA, not Rajah from Pancot Palace or "Peggy" from who knows where. So anyway I get the 700 in a few days, take it up in the plane, my wife loves charts and maps and once she saw how easy it is to use ,well, it's on her side of the plane. I hope someone makes a low cost ADS-B transponder soon ,I'd love to get free weather. Thanks for a really great and easy to use product."     -Brad     Cherokee PA-28 180G
"I just tried the I-fly with the October 2011 software update. The geo-referenced approach plates are marvelous! I just flew the KOZW ILS 13 approach and watched my progression on the approach plate. Being able to rotate the plate by 90 degrees at a time to approximate your true heading is very helpful as well as being able to zoom in on the plate. Sweeeeet!"     -Bob Komjathy     Bonanza B35
"I have had and used the I fly 700 as long as it has been out on the market, I also use an avmapIV and a panel mounted 430W I am going to trade in the AV Map for a Garmin 696, But for the ease of use and price I will never get rid of my I Fly Love it and the support and updates (69.00). Just flew back form Oregon had all the charts although I did not use them."     -Bruce H     RV 9A
"FABULOUS, I have owned Garmin, Lowrance 1000, 2000c, King AV80R, and this has them all beat now that the new update is out with the improved airport information and the airspace warning. About all it is lacking now is the moving map on the airport diagrams. I just purchased the 1" Ram ball and it fits perfectly on the side our the Starduster. I did loops and rolls today and it stayed securly in place. Good job to everyone at iFly700. Keep those updates coming. Speaking of the manual, the system is so easy to use, I haven't had to refer to it yet. "     -Dale Basham     Starduster SA 100, Thatcher CX-4
"As a flight instructor I love the iFly 700! I can use it to double check my student's navigation on cross countries. The flight planner is also easy to use. The music and video players help break up the monotony of long cross country flights in a Cessna C150. The low en-route charts and approach plates give me an added sense of safety and peace of mind in case my student takes me into inadvertent IMC (The $90/yr IFR update price is also very nice!). The TFR update feature is also a great safety feature! Although getting a weather brief before a flight is always important it is nice to see the TFR visually depicted. Great product! I will strongly recommend this product to any and all of my students and colleges. Plus the ALERT sound is a fun bonus. It is the same sound from a popular video game and reminds me of my college days! Thanks for the great product! -Jarred T. CFI, CFII, MEI."     -Jarred T. CFI, CFII, MEI     C150, PA 28 series, C172
"I have had my iFly 700 for about a month, and have used it in the airplane many times. I am very pleased with its preformance-price ratio. It comes up quickly when powered on, usually locks onto a "fix" within the first minute or so, and I've never had it to loss its fix. Mine is mounted about half-way down the radio stack, no external antenna, and it gets excellent reception. I have downloaded some updates and always without a glitch. This unit is incredible,reliable, and affordable." Update 8/21/12 I am an active flight instructor with 33 years and 5500 hours of experience. As an instructor for 27 years, I have been exposed to, and been plagued with, many types of navigational equipment. I have been using my iFly 700 for about a year and a half. It is the most remarkable navigation instrument I have ever used. I use it regularly in my Cessna 150, and have been very pleased with the reliability and ease of use. I also give instruction in an airplane with a Garmin 696. The iFLy is far more intuitive to use and interpret. Maybe units costing three times as much do have some features not included here, but the iFly certainly provides the info I need in easy to see, read, and interpret format. Downloading updates is never difficult. Since I mount it below my com radio, it is not right up at window level. Usually this is no problem, but I am adding an external antenna (inside the windshield) to help achieve a "satellite lock" more promptly. It's usually locked before I reach the runway anyhow - sometimes instantly. Along the way, I have received updated software, and added the Streets program for highway use. That works great too. What a blessing: having up-to-date Sectionals, Low altitude IFR charts, airport diagrams, and the simplified "vector" map for when you're close to the traffic pattern, etc. This unit is incredible, and the improvements on the iFly 720 make it it even more so. "     -David Hersman, CFI     Cessna 150 - mostly
"I've owned the iFly for a few weeks now, and have been busily downloading the various updates, so I've been spending a lot of time with the device. Everybody I've shown it to simply says "WOW!" That pretty much sums it up! We are removing the Garmin GPS from the KR2 and dedicating that space to a permanent installation of the iFly into the panel. Once the iFly team adds the artificial instrument display, the iFly will more than replace the Garmin, hence the decision to make the iFly a permanent part of our KR2 panel. We were working on our Warrior II the other day and I decided to do a test fit of the iFly. It fits perfectly between the hand 'grabs' of the yoke! WOW! So here we go again! I have a panel GPS as well as the Garmin on a yoke mount, and (sigh) the iFly is taking over. What else can one say? The panel GPS isn't moving map, and the firmware updates were $450 to get it running again. The Garmin is moving map, but is it small, lacks sectional detail, and certainly lacks many of the features of the iFly, including various terminal and approach charts and plates, etc. Indeed, I wrote a simple checklist in a .txt format, loaded it to the iFly and now have a custom checklist at my fingertips. This is hard to beat! My granddaughter's flight instructor (helicopter), uses a high-end Garmin that costs him almost $100 a month to keep it current. Roughly $1,000 a year, just for updates. At $70 a year for iFly updates, it seems almost ludicrous to even consider making a comparison. Needless to say, all of us here have fallen in love with this crazy thing! We even take it in the car and watch our "airplane" make its way to the store! In over 50 years in aviation, I have to say that I have NEVER spent $500 so wisely before. Thank You, Walter and team. You've managed to set a new standard."     -Dave     Warrior II and KR2
"I purchased my Ifly a couple of months ago as a back-up to my Garmin 296 primarily to be used while flying as a chase plane for the "Iron Dog" snow machine race which started in Wasilla Alaska and on to Nome, Then to finish line in Fairbanks, a mere 1500 mile jaunt across the tundra that I had never seen before. Although bad weather kept me from completing the entire trip I was very pleased with the ease of use of this new product. Flight planning was super easy as well as the other features. I like the fact that Walter and his team at Ifly are listening to those that have purchased there product and are making changes based on what real pilots want and make those changes available for free via a simple update. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price."     -Ron Tharaldson     Experimental PA-18 Super Cub
"Very nice - just what I wanted. Looked around for a long time before a friend told me about the iFly. Just flew with it for the first time; put the suction mount on the windshield next to my co-pilot instructor where it stuck fast. She had never seen one before, but with a little coaching she had it figured out in about five minutes. I could read the 7 inch screen just fine from the pilot's seat. The gps was accurate without the external antenna and the charts are easy to read. Overall, a great value that I would recommend to any VFR pilot."     -Bruce A.     Archer
"Have the 700 mounted right on the instrument panel just to the left of the center stack which includes a 430W. The 700 is a great addition and much easier to use than the 430. In my opinion you hit one out of the park."     -Vince Phelps     K35 Bonanza
"I am a low time pilot with very little experience with GPS and the other available gadgets. The iFly 700 is really easy to use right out of the box. Almost makes me feel like I am cheating some how. Without fumbling for sectionals and radio frequencies, really makes flying a joy! Seems like a bargain compared to the other available units at that price point! Even my instrument instructor thought it was great! Just hope someone comes out with a way to mount it in my panel (hint...hint!!!)."     -Tommy K.     Skyhawk 172
"I have been looking at the i/fly for months now. Have told several friends who have ordered the unit and love it. I ordered mine, received it in 2 days, turned it on and am amazed. Very user friendly, and I can't wait to fly with it. Here's my savings. I will not have to update my GPS396 with Jeppesen any more, saving $300 annually. I will no longer have to subscribe to Flight Guide (have two planes and have 2 subscriptions with Flight Guide), saving me over $250 annually. I will no longer have to chase down new sectionals and purchase them, saving me over $100 a year. I had a little challenge with downloading my first update, and the iFly folks walked me through the steps for my MAC computer to do this quickly and efficiently, all with the utmost of care and courtesy. How do they get such great employees? Don't tell the Adventure Pilot folks this......their product is so well priced that they should win an academy award for not being greedy and for their awesome customer service." Update 6/10/2011: "Having flown several long flights now with my iFly 700. I get more impressed each day. It's ease of use is awesome, and it is as user friendly as they get. How did I ever live without this tool. No more sectionals all over the place, and the update procedures are fabulous. Keep up the good work, Walter."     -Ron Brice     Lancair Legacy and Glastar Sportsman on Amphibious floats
"Love the IFly700, it was my post Christmas present to myself. I fly out of Colorado Springs and do a lot of mountain flying the IFly700 is fantastic, easy to program and change in the air. Flown it on a 700 mile cross country and it is so easy to use, makes the trip more enjoyable. Needs weather and a yoke mount, although I creatd one from my old Garmin and the suction cup mount that came with the IFly700, it cost me $1.00 for hardware. Product support is great, sure is nice to talk to human being that speaks english and understands what your needs are. We had a problem and you folks sent me a new unit in a matter of days, no argument you. The annual subscription has already paid for itself in savings of buying sectionals, low level IFR and approach charts."     -Randy Biles     Comanche 250
"Finally got to fly my unit from C65 to FFZ faultlessy without paper. GPS worked as advertised. I'm sure as I learn more about it I'll like it even more."     -Doug B.     V35B
"First trip on the iFly this past weekend. Very easy to use and customize. Flying on the map is awesome. Very happy with the performance. The flight planning feature is great, makes planning a breeze and navigating even easier. So far, I love it!"     -Gary L.     Piper Warrior
"Had the ifly for two short XC flights. It works perfectly. I highly recommend that anyone buying the unit also buys the battery. The cigarette lighter plug sometimes works loose causing the unit to quit. By plugging the battery to the lighter plug and the unit to the battery everything works exactly as advertised. If anyone is unhappy with the unit I think it would be because they did not do a thorough review of the instructional manual which is available on line."     -Dave W.     Flight Instructor- 152,172,C-120
"What a great unit! I use my plane to commute both IFR and VFR and having CURRENT charts and approach plates at my fingertips is very handy. Very easy to update and the GPS sensitivity is excellent, even with the built in antenna, and inside my house or hangar. Thanks so much for this product. Worth every penny!"     -Greg M.     RV-9A
"What a dream to fly with the iFly unit. I just flew over 15 hours of mixed VFR and IFR weather. It was so easy to switch from one type of map to another and have it all in front of you (even Terminal Charts!). In a tight cockpit of a Mooney, even the Charts.Inc books were too bulky to use easily. Now even the approach plates are easily brought up to review and use (wish there were a few less steps to reach an approach plate, but it is easily doable). Get weather in this product and I can throw away my Garmin 395! Keep up the good work!"     -Lloyd S.     Mooney M20C
"Met Walter. I bought one. Have been playing with it for some time now. It is very easy to use and really a nice GPS. Glad I came in to look at it. I have been searching for a GPS for about a year. Glad I waited."     -Mike Laney     
"30 day free trial, my posterior. You are NOT getting this thing back! Although weather and time have prevented our trying the iFly 700 in the air to this point, we have tried it in our home (acceptable GPS reception) and in our cars (good GPS reception, through the closed convertible tops). I am not a computer savvy person, but I concur with the user who reported that he was able to use the unit right out of the box without consulting the manual. Even I was able to drill down to various levels, even setting the time to the proper time zone, without using the manual. And I can tell this thing was set up by an experienced pilot, who has been stranded due to weather or mechanical problems with nothing to do for a night or two. The solitaire game is a nice touch. "     -Jack & Anne M.     Pazmany PL-2
"Used my iFly 700 to fly home (Scranton, PA (Seamans 9N3) to Pickens, SC LQK) in my old 1946 Ercoupe. Aircraft had not flown for 5 years but my iFly worked flawlessly and during a flight/flights filled with uncertainty and one emergency landing at Hagerstown, Md it was comforting to know navigation and situational awareness was there simply by looking at my iFly. My aircraft has minimal gages, some are not as responsive as modern equipment and some don't work well enough to be trusted; so it was nice to have the iFly to compare readings like altitude, speed during landing or outright use for things like GS, heading, distance. The Ercoupe is all plexi glass (no roof) so I'm very interested to hear the latest on cutting down on glare as it was an issue at times. Flying near and through the outer 30 NM (between 30 and 60 NM)of the DC SFRA, it was especially helpful to know where I was at all times. My aircraft does not yet have a transponder so being in the correct place is very important if I want to keep my license. Well done and well worth the price considering the piece of mine you have when using it."     -Hugh     Ercoupe 415 C
"Just finished loading all the updates, did the whole country just for practice. I get to try it out this weekend I can't wait. the unit is just really cool tool. Should definitely help with the workload on a student pilot. (soon to be a newbie pilot I hope)"     -Bob S.     Cessna 172
"Fly VFR and IFR in the RV-4. Great GPS. I find it's the perfect size for the -4 and the open cockpit biplane. No more charts blowing out of the biplane cockpit. Can't wait for the GPS overlaid on the approach plates and taxi diagram. Will have two of these and go paperless someday. Terrific job guys. It's an awesome product! **Update as of 11/30/2010** This report is a follow-on to an earlier Pirep I submitted. I have now given my iFly 700 the resiliency test. Long story but my unit has been accidentally dropped twice on ceramic tile from a height of three feet. I fully expected to boxed it up and mail back for repairs. Not so! Aside from a few scratches it still works perfectly. This is one tough GPS. Once again, good work guys.     -Dale A.     RV-4 and Hatz CB-1
"Got a chance to go flying with my iFly700 this weekend. I was very impressed at how easy it is to use in flight! It was very easy to grab airport info, frequencies, approach charts, etc. The screen is very readable in bright daylight conditions. At night, vector night mode cam in very handy as nice bright display did light up the cockpit. Great product Walter!"     -Rick F.     Cessna 172F
"Took my first flight with the I-Fly from Boise to Coeur d'Alene in worked perfect -- You have made a great unit - Keep up the good work"     -George W.     Grumman AA1A
"Just got this unit... I have tried all the rest and was procrastinating waiting for a competitors unit to drop in price. I then saw this unit and was sold . This one has them beat . It is the perfect companion to my KMD 150. I would bet all the competitors are breaking a sweat about now . Keep up the good work !     -Chas     Beechcraft Musketeer Custom Super III
"Bought the iFly 700 and two days later left with a flight-of-three for AirVenture2010. Had no time to train but found that OJT for the the first two hours of a nine hour flight was more than enough. The unit bailed us out twice when MOA's popped up on the iFly 700 but not on the 496 GPS. Easily skirted around for a flawless flight of 1600 miles. Love it ..."     -Richard J.     Van's RV12
"I am multi-engine, instrument rated pilot who flies a twin comanche. I bought the unit for, literally, a cross the country flight. My friend and I flew his Mooney across the US in May 2010 (San Jose, CA to Nashua, NH); largely VFR over a couple of days. The unit worked flawlessly and it saved us a lot of expenses on various charts and maps. Great features and very intuitive. Best GPS/avionics out there for the price."     -Jack S. White     Twin Comanche
"As a new pilot and previous owner of a GPS costing twice as much I have nothing but great things to say about the iFly. It is the most intuitive GPS (road or aviation) I've ever used. Multi-tasking is a pilot's plight but the iFly requires a minimum number of actions to get the critical information I need. And the fact that I can send Walter and e-mail and he actually responds within a couple of days is astounding in these days of corporate layers. I'm a fan!!!."     -Mike N.     Rans S-6ES Coyote
"Got the 700 in the AM and in the PM my wife was doing holding patterns and missed approaches. Great teaching tool to review those racetrack loops. Easy to use right out of the box and all it was advertised and more."     -George     Cherokee 180 & Ercoupe
"I recently purchased a newly-released more-expensive competing product and after one flight I had to return it because I could not see it well enough under my bubble canopy to use it in bright sunlight. Fortunately, a new iFly 700 owner was at the airport that day and we compared screens in full sun side-by-side. I ordered my iFly a day or so later and have been a happy user since. It won't blind you and brighter would be better, but I think we have the best thing going unless you can spend 5 times as much."     -Ron H.     Zenair 601HDS
"I have had the iFly700 for about a month now and the price / performance ratio on this unit is really fantastic. You have done an incredable job of combining just the right feature set and price point to make the iFly700 a must have for situational awareness in every airplane. Well done, Walter!"     -Harvey S.     '76 Cardinal
"Bravo! The Ver. 3.0 upgrade's addition of the geo-referenced low level enroute charts is fantastic. I tried it out on a 200nm trip and it worked flawlessly. Having the current approach plates readily available takes the hassle out of fumbling through paper. You have a great product and your support is highly appreciated."     -Ron D.     Piper PA28-160
"Just received the IFly the day before leaving on a 1200 NM trip. I had very little time to try the unit before departing. Despite this I was able to master most of the features in the first hour of flight. I thought the North up orientation would be confusing, but I found that I adapted to it quite quickly. For it's price point it is an outstanding value and I recommend it for both IFR and VFR pilots."     -Jim N.     Comanche
"The iFly performed very well - and I got a chance to compare it with the G1000 in a variety of configurations. I am thrilled by the performance, clarity of the display, accuracy of GPS interpolation, and ease of programming. I think that the iFly 700 really offers a lot of features and functionality for the price point - nice work!!!"     -Devan S., CFI, CFII, MEI, IGI, AGI, Com. ASEL, AMEL, IA, ASES, FAA Safety Team Lead, Central Region     Cessna 182T
"..the Ifly 700 is the COOLIST new electronic device I own.. I worked for Radio Shack for 28 years and have been a Ham for 30. and have owned lots of cool stuff. Walter, [...] I am very impressed." Update 4/8/2011: I just purchased my 2nd annual subscription. I could not be more pleased with the IFLY 700 and its continuous improvement with no upgrade fees!!!     -Brian C.     Allegro 2000
"Flew with mine today for first time. Worked well, great unit. I was concerned about sunlight readability because I have a clear canopy but it was not an issue [...] Overall a great value that gives excellent situational awareness."     -Tom F.     RV 6
"Walter, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your iFly 700. It worked right out of the box. My prior experience with [another product] was terrible [...] Keep up the good work"     -Doug F.     Bonanza
"I just updated the TFRs. Compared to the process on my previous PDA GPS, it is so easy and simple! Have not flown with it yet, but I am still impressed with the ease of operation. I know that I will really like the remote dimming feature when flying at night, which was also a problem on my previos PDA"     -Mark S"     
"Want to say I am very pleased with the unit. I have been wanting a unit with a sectional overlay for years - great job!"     -Doug R.     Yak-52
"...all I can say is wow, very impressive. I have a tablet that I was using with sectionals and a commercial nav program, but it was alway darker than I wanted, had to use a stylus, launch mutiple programs and the sectional was hard to read. The iFly700 does not have these problems, I will be putting my tablet in ebay for sale."     -Patrick R.     
"Walter, you have a great product here... Very intuitive and easy to use. "     -Ed M.     Comanche 250
"Got mine today! Very impressive, glad I delayed my purchase of another brand... "     -Jerry R.     Bellanca Champ
"I received my iFly yesterday and I love it. I've been a GPS user since 1992 when I purchased my first Trimble portable. Since then I have owned numerous GPS equipment from numerous manufacturers. I am an instrument rated private pilot and own a Cessna Cardinal equipped with a Garmin 430 and [discontinued] yoke mounted Garmin 295.I purchased the iFly to experience the integration of "chart" navigation with GPS, at an attractive price. IMO, the iFly 700 is a price/performer "category killer". Keep up the outstanding work and product support."     -Ron B.     Cardinal
"I can't tell you how happy I am with my iFly 700. The more I learn about what it will do the more impressed I become. The Adventure Pilot folks keep adding constant upgrades and improvements to their products and never fail to respond to their customers; whether they are complaining or suggesting enhancements to what has to be the most cost-effect and remarkable portable GPS units on the market. Thank you and keep up the good work!"     -Robert Cressman     1967 Cessna 150G
"This has been a great unit from the beginning and it keeps getting better and better as you continually add new features and improve various functions. Unlike some of your 'competitors' that seem to put out a 'fair' product for an outrageous price then forget about it as they set out to develop a new product to gouge you for and they conveniently forget the original unit, you have continually supported and improved my original unit and kept it as functional and capable as all the competitors models. It seems to me that all of their features are combined and rolled into one little ol iFly. Great job! Thanks for the great support and products. If I had all the money that I'd spent on Garmin products and their updates I could have about 15 iFly's for the same $$$$$s. "     -KMalerich     Citabria, Cub, Various