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Additional SD Card
Additional SD Card

An additional SD card for your iFly GPS hardware.  Useful as a replacement, a backup, or a redundant SD card.


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This is a 16gb SD card.  Perfect if you lost your card, or if you want a back-up for emergencies or to simply your update procedure.   

This is just what you have been waiting for.  Update your SD card at your home or office with iFly Connect and then take your undated card to the airplane.  Always having an updated card and a backup card has never been so 

*This product is for the iFly 700/720/740/520 models, it may not be used for iPads or Android tablets or phones

** This SD card will not include iFly Streets.  If you would like a 2nd card that includes iFly Streets, please see the iFly Streets Upgrade option.