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iFly 520 Moving Map GPS
iFly 520 Moving Map GPS

The new iFly 520 moving map GPS brings forth a new level of value boasting versatility and portability with internal power in a smaller 5” form factor


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The iFly 520

The new iFly 520 brings forth a new level of value boasting versatility and portability with internal power in a smaller 5” form factor. Each iFly is a robust dedicated aviation GPS built for the harsh elements that iPads can’t support. Superior reception, extreme operating temperature ranges pilots need at a fraction of the competition’s price—even the updates are affordably priced.  Save more, Fly more!

Sunlight Readability

Like its big brother, the iFly 520 is sunlight readable and provides both VFR and IFR situational awareness in a simple-to-use 5” Touchscreen. Perfect for bright cockpits.  Enjoy more flight time—with the most affordable Sunlight-Readable GPS on the aviation market.

Untethered Power 

The new 5” design accommodates the internal lithium-ion battery for cord free flying up to 2 hours when ship power is not available.  The 520 is the perfect ultra-portable GPS for any pilot’s flight bag or a backup option.    

iFly Streets™ Add-On

Go straight from the runway to the highway with iFly Streets™, a full-featured road navigation tool. Detailed voice-guided directions, 3D visuals including Lane Guidance, Street Signs,   Buildings and Landmarks make any trip a simple task.  Find fast  travel details and more with "Find a Place".

AutoTaxi+ with RealView

Automatically transition to and from the Airport Diagram upon takeoff and landing.  The iFly adds the “+” with over 12,600 Realview airports.  If no official Airport Diagram is available, AutoTaxi+ uses the RealView Image.  RealView also makes it possible to see both public and private airports before you arrive.  Know the airport like a pro!

Feature Overview

Moving Map Modes

  • Sectionals
  • Low-Enroute Charts
  • Terminal Area Charts
  • World Aeronautical Charts
  • Vector Base Map
  • Weather (Pre-Flight)
  • Weather Live (ADS-B req.)
  • Plates & Diagrams

Screen Settings

  • Landscape Mode
  • Screen Brightness
  • Day/Night Mode
  • Button Fading
  • Customizable Instruments
Unit of Measure Settings
  • Speed (Nm, Miles, Km)
  • Compass (Mag or True North)

Map Features

  • North Up / Track Up
  • Find Nearest
  • Distance Circles
  • Dynamic Distance Ring
  • Hybrid Compass Rose w/ Nav
  • Extended Course Line
  • Flight Trails
  • Past Flights
  • Dynamic Intended Track Line
  • AutoTrack
  • Custom Waypoints (toggle on/off)
  • Rubber Band route modification
  • Custom Aircraft icons
  • AutoTaxi+

Instruments Panel

  • Multiple Inst. Layouts
  • Customizable with multi-stacks 

Flight Planning

  • Fly Direct-To
  • Simple Reverse Feature
  • Vertical Terrain Planning
  • Airspace preview
  • Rubber Band route modification
  • Vertical Profile Instrument
  • Emergency Find Nearest
  • Save and Load Flight Plans
  • Custom Waypoints
  • History for recent searches

Alerts & Warnings

  • User definable Collision Alerts
  • Airspace Alerts and Highlighting
  • Terrain Alerts and Highlighting
  • Vertical Speed to Target

and much more... 



iFly 520 Tech Specs
Dimensions: 5.25" x 3.3" x 0.75"
LCD: 5" Sunlight Readable
Screen Resolution: 800 x 480
Power Input: DC 12V~28V
Current Draw: 300-700mA @ 12V
Weight: 8 Ounces
GPS Antenna: WAAS Enabled
Operating Temp Range: 14°F to 140°F
Storage Temp Range: -4°F to 158°F
Warranty 1 Year Parts/Labor








·       1.3GHz CPU
·       1 SD/MMC memory card expansion slots
·       USB Host 2.0 for connecting external memory
·       Audio Out support
·       Multi Media player
·       1650mAH Battery installed – 2hour running
·       Charging LED 
Optional Accessories
·       [NEW] RAM Ball Flexible Mount “Coming Soon” - adheres to flat or curved surface with supplied double-sided adhesive.
·       RAM Yoke Mount “Coming Soon”
·       Long Range External Battery
·       Extra AC Adapter
·       Extra DC Adapter

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