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iFly Streets Upgrade
iFly Streets Upgrade

Now you can take your iFly GPS from your airplane straight to the streets


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iFly Streets is available for the iFly 720, 740 and 740b.

Now you can take your iFly GPS from your airplane straight to the streets.  The iFly Streets upgrade adds this simple yet advanced road mapping solution for the car. This is just what many of you have been waiting for.  It's actually better than having the AOPA Directory as this includes on/off airport places for everywhere you go.

With this iFly Streets Upgrade, we will send you a new 16GB SD card that will replace your current card.  This new card will contain the latest aviation data and software.  Therefore a current data subscription is required.

  • Enjoy turn-by-turn directions.
  • HD Visuals including Lane Guidance and Street Signs. Also Building & Landmarks. 
  • Get Hotels, Restaurants, Gas Stations on the go with the "Find a Place" feature. 
  • Simple-to-Use interface, with lots of customization options. 
  • and much, much more.  

Have a Data Subscription?

Yes - select if you have an active VFR or VFR+IFR Data Subscription.                              

(You must have a current VFR or VFR+IFR Data Subscription to order this iFly Streets Upgrade.)

Additional Note:

**Map Data updates are not included in the iFly Streets Upgrade or in the VFR or IFR Data Subscriptions.  "iFly Streets" Map updates are performed and maintained through www.naviextras.com website seperately.