Stratux with Battery and Suction Mount
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If you’re a pilot, chances are good that you’ve heard about ADS-B. You probably know that an ADS-B receiver can make flying safer and more efficient by providing real-time weather, traffic, TFRs, and other flight data directly to your iFly 720, 740 and all WiFi enabled tablets and phones! . You probably also know that most of the ADS-B receivers on the market are quite expensive. 

Stratux RXWX is shipped fully assembled; just power it up and fly.

Subscription-Free In-Flight Weather
Stratux RXWX receives continuous, free weather updates from ADS-B ground stations. In-flight weather gives you a huge edge in aeronautical decision making by providing you with a near real-time view of conditions in your area and across the nation.

Current weather products include:

  • NEXRAD radar
  • METARs
  • TAFs
  • Winds / Temps Aloft
  • PIREPs

Additionally, ADS-B’s FIS-B service also gives you:

  • TFRs
  • NOTAMs
  • SUA (Special Use Airspace) activity
  • Future enhancements to the ADS-B weather system are expected to add lightning, turbulence, icing, cloud tops, and AWOS.

ADS-B Traffic
Stratux RXWX is a dual-band (UAT and 1090-ES) system, which means it can receive traffic information from all available ADS-B traffic sources including FAA ground towers (TIS-B and ADS-R) and aircraft equipped with ADS-B Out.

COMPATIBILITY: Supports iFly GPS, ForeFlight, FlyQ EFB, Navigator, AvNav, WingX, Avare EFB, FltPlan Go, DroidEFB, AerovieReports, Avplan EFB, DroidEFB, OzRunways EFB


What's Included in the Box:

  • Dual Band ADS-B SDR's (978 & 1090)
  • AHRS Chip - Drives Synthetic Vision
  • Internal Stratux GPYes GPS
  • Battery Kit
  • Suction Mount

The Stratux Receiver has a 30 day warranty.

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