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9/5/2019 3:52 PM

I've got 12 days left of my trial subscription, and I've got to admit I'm very impressed and will be subscribing. I've been flying w/ FltPlan Go and a homebuilt Stratux for a year or so and quite happy with it, but they still haven't gotten around to implementing AHRS support for Android so I figured I'd give iFlyGPS a shot and see what I was missing, if anything. 

WOOOOF!  I had no idea.  What a great program, and so much easier/faster to use and get to the information and functions you need. FltPlan Go is a great value... worth every penny.. ;) .. but this is a lot better.

I did search on the iflygps.com site, this forum, and the internet in general but couldn't find concrete answers to the following questions, although I may certainly have missed them.  Apologies if, as a new user/member, I am revisiting ground that's been covered.

1. Is the weather briefing attained from the flight plan screen "certified" or whateve the word is.. in other words, is it as valid as a call to a briefer and is there a record of having requested it?

2. The briefing attained through FltPlan Go displays graphical products that you can call up via button presses.  I could find no similar function within iFly... only "unclickable" www.1800wxbrief.com website listings which are pretty useless. Am I missing something? The Vis, Sfc Winds & Precip, Cloud Coverage, and Synopsis/Surface Analysis products aren't usable as is.. unless I'm doing something wrong.

3.  The briefing is almost all translated.  Is there a way to get raw briefings, or at least have the raw versions included? Again... if I have inadvertently set it up like this, my apologies.  I didn't see any options or setup screens addressing this.

I DO like the way all the various NOTAMS are organized and categorized.  It would take me hours of nonstop typing to say all the GOOD things I've found about iFly... please don't take this first post negatively.  Just trying to get the most out of it.  I've been getting my briefings directly from the 1800wxbrief.com site for a while and could certainly continue to do so, but if doing it w/in iFly satisfies regulations and displays graphical weather products, that would be another big positive and would further streamline the process.

Thanks for a GREAT app, and in advance for any insight.

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9/5/2019 4:14 PM

Hi Muse, welcome to the family!  Answers to your questions...

1) Yes this is coming from the official 1800wxbrief service. It's downloaded & stored on the device for later offline retrieval, this could also serve as proof of download. But also if you enter your wxBrief Account Name on the submission form, the search and filings will be in your wxBrief history. (Note you must first login 1800wxbrief.com and grant iFly GPS as an authorized service provider for your account)

2) The upcoming version 11 release includes "Clickable" links to show those images, but you are correct it's not available in current production versions

3) Sorry, there isn't an option to get a raw briefing.


Walter Boyd
President, Adventure Pilot
New Post
9/5/2019 4:36 PM


Wow.. talk about responding to your customers!  Thanks so much for the reply, and I'm looking forward to seeing the next release and the graphic weather products. Just linked iFly w/ 1800wbrief about an hour ago, coincidentally; good to know that, with that link, a record of the briefing request w/in iFly shows up there.

Great app... looking forward to putting it through even more of its paces up in the air.. only had three flights including one xc with it so far, but it's very obvious how much thought has been put into it.

Best wishes,


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