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8/5/2019 8:29 AM

Most of the "Instruments" in my Extended Instrument Group are missing and I can't restore them.

Even if I select "Add Instruments: and then "Save changes to the Current Layout 'Extended'" - the "Instruments" don't show up when I select the Extended Instrument Layout.

Previously, I was able to add or delete Instruments and save the changes.

Thanks in advance for you help.



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8/5/2019 1:28 PM

Are the desired instruments showing on the screen when you tap/click on the Inst Group button then Customize button?  The reason I ask: all your selected instruments should show when you're in the Customize mode, but after you cancel or save, certain types of instruments will not show until they have data to display. 

Examples: Turn, Bearing, Final, Dist: Final, and ETE: Final won't display unless you have a flight plan loaded; the equivalent of those last three instruments for a waypoint won't display unless you have at least one remaining intermediate waypoint between your current position and final in your flight plan; VST won't display until you are approaching a designated landing spot in your flight plan, etc.

Which ones aren't you seeing?

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8/11/2019 6:13 PM

Thank you so much for responding - sorry I didn't back to you sooner.. Several things came up plus I wanted to get more information for you.  I hope the following information gives you a clue as to what's happening.

Instruments are definitely missing from the Extended Group..

I have a flight plan loaded from KSWF - KALB.When the Basic Instrument Group is Loaded, the following instruments show:

Final     Dist:Final     ETE:Final

If I select the Extended Instrument Group, exactly the same group shows.

Then, if I click the "Customize" Button, and I add Dist:Next and ETE:Next, the additional instruments show in the customizing view.

But if I save the modified Extended Layout by selecting "Save Current" , No changes are saved and the Extended Group is the same as the Basic Group.

I tried to include some screen shots - but thet''re much bigger than the max size for the forum.

iFly seems to work fine on my iPhone but not the iPad.  I'm running ios 12.3.1 on both devices.

Should I just delete the app and re-install it?  Hope you can help.

Thank you.



Thank you






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8/11/2019 8:06 PM

Try adding POU between SWF and ALB.  That should show the missing instruments.  iFly doesn't display instruments you don't need.  With a two point flight plan, the NEXT fix, is the FINAL fix, therefore it doesn't show the NEXT instruments.  Once you put in POU, that becomes the NEXT fix, and ALB remains the FINAL.  As soon as you cross POU, the NEXT instruments will again disappear and  you'll only have the FINAL instruments. 

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8/11/2019 11:07 PM


Thanks.  That solved the problem. 

I'm currently simulating a flight and all the instruments look OK. However, the ETA:Final doesn't show anything.  Is it supposed to show the ETA to destination in simulation mode?

Also, as you approach a waypoint where a course change is required, the Turn instrument indiacates when to start the turn, but is there an instrument that shows what the next course to the next waypoint is before you get to the turn point?  It seems like you would have to check the flight plan to see the next course.


One more question please.  If you're flying along on a flight plan, and you want to see the approach plates for a certain airport but you don't know where it is on the map (so you cant touch the airport to see the plates), what's the best way to see plates for an airport that's not on your flight plan -- assuming you don't want to change your flight plan?

Thank you again


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