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1/4/2020 8:32 PM

Greetigns All,

My question is one about de-registering a device. If I need to call, I will gladly do that and talk to someone if necessary.


On 1 Jan had a problem with my iFly - would not work at all at the airplane right after I did the update at home for the new version.

It tried to initialize (turn on) but it would get so far and then stop. After three tries, we had to get going as we were leading 30+ planes and 56 people on a fly-in to Smoketown, PA for our annual New Year's Fly-In there.

I quickly uploaded a free program called AVARE which is an OK backup, but nothing compares to IFly.  We were on time and all went well with the fly-in, thank goodness.

This is the first and only time the iFly has ever not worked for me in problaby 5-6 years now, so no big deal - we figured it out and now have a viable backup.

So, I get home and find out I really need to delete the entire app and start over on my Android.  The good news is iFly kept all my flight plans and custom waypoints. The bad news is it deleted my instrument (tiles) set up on my screen, so I had to re-do all of that.

In the process of re-loading the program, my account is NOW showing I am using iFly on three devices, when I am really only using it on ONE.  I would think that reloading it would show up on the same registrantion device number, but it doesn't.  So, should I now delete one of the devices? If I do, will that possibly delete all the work I just did to set up my screen?

I really only use ONE device and I know the subscription allows two, but I am showing three.  Thoughts? 

I will be glad to delete one - just need to know which one.

Thanks - Mike N714AJ

This is the AVARE program at work - it is an OK backup, but I would much prefer my iFly.

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1/7/2020 3:50 PM

I suspect your problem is similar to an edge case that I ran into during beta testing, but without more information I'm hesitant to offer you a solution to try.  Fool-proof way would be to call customer service.

Is this by any chance on an Android 9 device?  

Under "Menu > About > My Account...", do any of the deviceID's start with a plus sign?

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1/9/2020 11:49 AM

Mike, sorry you had this problem.  Android made some significant changes in how we are able to access the internal device ID, which has until now been what we've used to uniquely identify a device.  That whole method has changed, looks like yours profile wasn't updated automatically.  But, no worries you can delete the old one yourself: Touch Menu -> About -> My Account -> Deregister a Device, then select whatever you wish to remove from your account.


Walter Boyd
President, Adventure Pilot
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1/15/2020 9:33 PM

Cobra, Walter, 

Thank you! Rest assured I am not using iFly on three devices (only have one plane!).

I will go in and try to clean it up, but this probably happens a lot and hope you all understand we are not trying to get more service for the same low price - sometimes computer stuff - just happens!  Thanks, Gents!

Mike N714AJ

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