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8/1/2019 9:05 PM

I second Tim Taylor's post on using the Stratux which you can get from the IFly Store.  I have been using my Stratux for two years now and the latest ones have an ADHAR installed which can give you synthetic vision on the 740 using the EFIS option in the Map Function. It is not world class snythetic vision but what do you want for less then $225. Here is the Stratux in the IFly store.


Dick Welsh

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8/2/2019 3:35 AM

The Garmin GTX 335 is the permanent solution!!!

Meets the flight requirement for 2020!! If you need to wander around in high density traffic areas.

The ADS-B “IN” is the like to have part for the stick actuator’s potential SA enhancer, as long as it doesn’t become an all encompassing, “heads down in the cockpit” object of focus. Not required.

The biggest danger with all this gee whiz electronic stuff for VFR flying is the extra time spent not looking out of the cockpit. 

Too much information creates overload, confusion and loss of SA. Only the correct information at the right time can enhance SA.

Just saying...

ATP, COMM, INST, SEL, MEL, TURBOJET, IP, Conventional gear endorsement, AK bush pilot, B747 type rating, A310 type rating, 1.7+ Mach

13,000+ hours. MIL, CIV, PVT

Still putting around....


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8/2/2019 6:51 AM
Jim Canitz wrote:

According to Garmin the GTX 345 will provide (using Garmin Connext and bluetooth technology),  "Wireless connectivity to portable device using Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight or compatible Garmin portable".

Not sure about the iFly 740b. Pretty sure Garmin wants you using Garmin!!


So now I have a new 740b. Will be deciding on a hardware solution to provide ADS-B In data that will work with it.


That would be a "no." At this point the only non-Garmin compatible EFB is Foreflight. I suspect this has more to do with Foreflight's EFB market penetration than anything else. 

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8/2/2019 8:51 AM
You said you will find a solution for the "In" signal. I assumed that meant you wanted some sort of permanent solution for the "In" signal. If you don't want to use ADS-B In for weather and traffic, then you don't need ADS-B in, permanent or otherwise. I merely suggested a Stratux because it works great and is inexpensive. We all know the difference between ADS-B in and out and which is required for the 2020 mandate. We're just trying to help each other understand their options.
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8/2/2019 2:52 PM

Yup! You stated "We all know what ADS-B In and Out are." So why are you telling me what they are? You saying I don't know? I guess I am not included in the "We all."

FYI. I know what they are. I installed it. I maintain it. I operate it. I also received the rebate!!

I also stated that I am going to find a solution to the ADS-B In now that I have something that I can use to display the data.

I appreciate those that responded with their choices and input for the ADS-B In sources they are using for their iFLyGPS systems. Thanks!!

Other comments, not so much.

BTW, what's permanent in aviation electronics anymore? I mispoke. I meant certified. I should have said the Garmin GTX 335 is a "certified" solution to 2020.

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