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iFly GPS™ by Adventure Pilot

iFly GPS offers powerful navigation solution that goes far beyond your imagination while keeping it simple and intuitive. iFly GPS is a game changing "Multi-Platform" navigation solution providing exhaustive support of ADS-B Traffic & Weather on a dedicated aviation lineup as well as Android and Apple devices. iFly GPS delivers full-featured moving map navigation with advanced features like Geo-Referenced Hi-Def VFR & IFR Charts, de-cluttered Vector Mode, AutoTaxi+, RealView, comprehensive Active Alert System and much much more. 

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The iFly 740b

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The new iFly 740b is 3 to 4 times brighter than iPad / Android devices. Never has there been a portable GPS with this brightness for such a great price! 

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Finally! A pilot-friendly navigation suite complete with the advanced features pilots are looking for!
And best of all... You can choose your device... (Apple, Android or Dedicated iFly GPS devices, Windows is coming soon).

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  • Flying to work with my iFly 740 & RasPi III w/glonav I fly 63 miles to & from work two to three times per week all year long. PASX to PALH and back. PALH is the busiest seaplane base in the world, nestled inside a cutout in PANC’s class C airspace. Which is a couple miles from PAMR, Elmendorf airfare base, and over 40 airstrips within a 15 mile radius. Most days, when flying into PALH, there will be more that 15 images on my ads-b input on my iFly, and more than 20 planes & jets in the air. My plane is VFR, however, I do use my iFly to aid me into PALH’s class D airspace.

    Jess TubbsCherokee 140
  • I just completed 14 days of flying into 24 states. Although I've owned the iFly 700, 720 and now 740, this was the first time I had actually flown with any of them. What an incredible GPS! It is, without a doubt, the most readable, user-friendly, feature packed cockpit accessory I've ever used! I had another brand GPS along for the purpose of getting satellite weather and radar, but my iFly 740 was my navigation source. I never imagined that one device could basically replace all the paper charts, flight guides, and airport manual that I used to carry in a flight bag. As long as I continue to fly, there will be one in my cockpit!

    Jim CPiper PA-14
  • I was a bit skeptical about the claims vs the price but went ahead and bought a 720. I shouldn't have worried...what a great tool! I did a VFR delivery in my new (to me) Cherokee from KY to FL through unfamiliar airspace. The 720 was intuitive to use, has an excellent display and with an ADS-B receiver through WiFi, displayed "real time" WX, NOTAMS, etc. at any location I chose along the route. I can't wait to see the WX radar...I didn't have any significant WX on my first trip. The 720 kept me clear of any "undesirable" airspace while guiding me confidently into unfamiliar airports. I haven't even scratched the surface on all its features but have already received my money's worth. Had a glitch in my SD card when I first fired it up, but one call to the guys had a new SD card overnighted to me to save the day...and my trip. Excellent customer service. Excellent product.

    Rob PCherokee 140
  • My iFly 720 is just the GPS solution I have been waiting for! The 720 fits perfectly at the top of the radio stack in my 1957 PA22-150 Piper Tripacer. The 720 is mounted so that it is removable and I even have the eternally mounted GPS antenna connected. I have my iFly 720 fused into the electrical system's 12VDC with the iFly's external battery inline as a backup power source in the event I ever have a power failure. Getting the latest weather & TFR updates with WI-Fi next to the clubhouse is very simple and convenient. When Wi-Fi wasn't available, I downloaded the iFly Connect updater to the computer so I could update my SDHC card from the FBO PC and have the current weather & TFRs. At this time, I do not have an ADSB receiver, but I know my iFly 720 supports most models on the market.

    Chuck Mangos1957 PA22-150 Piper Tripacer
  • The IFLY 720 is everything they say it is and more. Flew 4 hours this last weekend with it and it responds to input in plenty of time for my 90mph Ercoupe. Pulled the Airmap 1000 out of the panel although a great GPS, not sunlight readable in its grey scale. I am so impressed not only as GPS but all the other functions for the money. I often fly the mts of Arizona and the terrain avoidance feature is a must. Hey less money than a Zulu 2 or Bose 20 headset and ten times more value!!!!

    Mark Walter1947 415CD Ercoupe
  • I've had an iFly 700 and now an iFly 720 for quite a while; love it. It is such a great device and now even better. I just bought a SkyGuard TWX pro and now the 720 is amazing. You'll love the world it opens up to you. Together a winning combination.

    Gary Lyons Cessna TR182

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