SkyGuardTWX Vision-Pro Plus ADS-B Transceiver
SkyGuardTWX Vision-Pro Plus ADS-B Transceiver

A complete ADSB In and Out solution, includes both portable and certified options for experimental / light-sport aircraft

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978UAT/1090ES/Squawk &

Note: If you have an Experimental or LSA, please select the EX Version as this model meets the 2020 ADS-B Compliancy per SkyGuardTWX and the FAA. See 2020 Compliancy Statement below.

What's New in the Vision-Pro Plus:

  • Mode C Transponder “Squawk Code” and “Pressure Altitude” detection capability (wirelessly)
  • System I/O port for future connection to panel mounted displays and other avionics equipment
  • Supports interface with externally mounted “Annunciator Light” to indicate Transmitter operation status
  • Transmitter standard BNC connector for future external antenna installation
  • Enhanced traffic reception
  • AHRS model adds the iLevil G-Micro AHRS for full 9 axis attitude capability.  This will be needed for SynVis and currently enables a full Artificial Horizon on iFly GPS software.

*** Transmitter Only mode does not receive traffic or weather.   This is only an ADS-B Out solution for the 2020 Mandate.  For Experimental and LSA installation only att this time.  

Note: the EX version must be installed in an Experiment and LSA to meet the 2020 ADS-B Mandate and therefore come with a Installation Guide and list of receommended Antennas.  You will be to purchase and install one transmit and two receive antennas.

Standard Vision-Pro+ Features:

  • Full ADS-B OUT and ADS-B IN capability
  • Plan to meet FAA 2020 ADS-B OUT requirement once TSO-C154c certification has been completed
  • ADS-B OUT capability allows receipt of local ATC radar traffic when within range of an ADS-B ground station tower
  • In-Flight Subscription Free Weather and UAT air-to-air Traffic
  • View NEXRAD Radar, METARs, TFRs, Sigmets, Airmets, Winds Aloft, TAFs, NOTAMs, and UAT Traffic on a compatible display
  • Integrated precision WAAS GPS insures accurate location as displayed on moving map
  • Completely Portable Unit which does not require any installation other than a power connection to aircraft
  • Compatible with iFly GPS, and various apps on the iPAD;  iFly GPS for Android, and the iFly 700/720/740 GPS Display Tablets
Additional Hardware Information:
  • Use iFly 700/720/740 or iFly GPS app for initial setup and inflight control of the Transceiver.  App available on the Apple store or Google Play Store.
  • Connects to iPad/Android/iFly via WiFi interface
  • Requires cockpit power adaptor socket (12V @ 5 amps or 24V @ 3 amps systems)
  • Small form factor (8″ x 3″ x 2″)
  • FCC certified under FCC ID:  R83UAT1000
  • Currently under FAA authorization testing
  • 30 day “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee
  • 1 year full Parts and Labor repair warranty

2020 Compliancy Statement:  “Meets Performance Requirements” of TSO-C154c for 1/1/2020 mandate when installed in Experimental and LSA aircraft with external antennas (per February 9, 2015 rule change to 14 CFR 91.225 (b)(1)(ii)
(Installation in LSA aircraft needs letter of authorization from aircraft manufacturer)


UAT_ES_Squawk Setup Instructions

UAT_ES_Squawk_AHRS Setup Instructions


Note: EX Models do not include external antennas.  You will need to order a Transmit, Receive antenna per the installation manual.  Non-EX models will include all needed portable antennas, no suitable for 2020 compliant installs.