Stratux ADS-B Receiver Kit
Stratux ADS-B Receiver Kit

The Stratux ADS-B Receiver Kit is a conveniently packaged kit to provide ADS-B Weather and Traffic on iFly GPS Models (720 & 740), the iFly GPS App and other apps that support the Stratux.

This Kit includes a Raspberry Pi 3, Nooelec SDR, GPS dongle, Pre-Loaded Micro SD card, Antenna, 2.4 DC USB power adapter and case.

Works with: iFly 740, iFly 720, iFly GPS App (iPad, iPhone, Android devices) and many ofther Apps and devices. (Serial connection for iFly 520 and 700 coming soon.)

Stratux ADS-B Receiver Provides:

Weather: Nexrad, METARs, TAFs, Winds, PIREPs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMS, TFRs and more.

Traffic: Available aircraft shown on screen from the TIS-B broadcast and from aircraft to aircraft traffic.
*Please be advised ADS-B Traffic is limited and offers the best performance when used in conjunction with and ADS-B Out device.

Stratux is an open source project that uses the Raspberry Pi and SDRs to receive and decode the FAA's ADS-B broadcasts. iFly GPS is not affiliated with the Stratux open source project. However, iFly GPS does support the efforts of the project and it's benefits to pilots.

iFly GPS will provide troubleshooting, basic connection, setup support for the Stratux on iFly GPS products and apps. However, for advanced support issues regarding Stratux updates, releases and requests, please visit the below links. Stratux links, sites and forums:

Stratux Project Site: http://stratux.me/

Stratux Issues and Requests: https://github.com/cyoung/stratux/issues

Stratux Releases: https://github.com/cyoung/stratux/releases

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Stratux Setup Instructions: Your Stratux ADS-B Receiver is preassembled and ready for flight.

To begin using, simply connect the “gold” antenna plug to the “gold” port on the black dongle located at the end of the Stratux.

Next, using the supplied DC power plug, connect the Micro USB power cord to the side port of the Stratux. Do not plug the Stratux power cord into the iFly GPS USB port.

You are now ready to connect your device to the Stratux via standard WiFi setup.

Finally, open iFly GPS and touch Menu –> About –> Connected Devices and set the Wireless Device to Stratux / FlightBox.

Stratux is an open source ADS-B project. Adventure Pilot and iFly GPS are not affiliated to the Stratux project. iFly GPS will provide troubleshooting and basic connection, setup support, however, the below links are for advanced support issues.