Annual Data Subscription

One year of unlimited updates and upgrades, for iFly devices, Android, Apple, or Windows Apps

$79.99 / Year

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Do you have more than 2 devices or need to run across different platforms?  Select the "Multi-Platform Upgrade" option!  Then you can share this subscription across 4 iPads/iPhones, Android phones and tablets, Windows devices and iFly Aviation Portables The base subscription supports up to two devices on one platform. 

The base VFR subscription includes:

  • Synthetic Vision
  • Flight Planning and Filing
  • TFR Data
  • Aviation Weather (METAR, TAF, NEXRAD, Winds Aloft)
  • Fuel Prices
  • VFR Charts (Sectionals, TAC)
  • Airport and FBO Database
  • Terrain and Obstructions updates
  • Airport Diagrams
  • Realview Airport Images

Select the "Include IFR Data" to add:

  • Approach Procedures
  • Departure Procedures
  • Standard Arrival Procedures
  • IFR Low Charts
  • IFR High Charts
  • IFR Insets
  • Access to many IFR Features: Loading approaches, filing IFR Plans, etc

Please Note: This purchase allows you to download updates to your devices and does not include a new SD Card for use with an iFly Aviation Portable device.