iFly GPS™ Release Notes
iFly GPS Software Release Notes


  • Enables Pressure Altitude suppression with setting.
  • Sketch Pads: Quick access for notes, clearances, etc.
  • Sketch on Map: Highlight areas, add instruction or make personal notes on any map, any scale
  • Sketching on Plates: Take notes or draw taxi plan right onto individual plates & diagrams
  • Added support for Stratus III
  • Integrated with Dynon SkyView: ADSB, AHRS, Flight Plan Sharing
  • Added “Bearing Final” instrument
  • Runway Wind summary and recommendation
  • Improved Flight Plan form layout, including cumulative values
  • Added “Fuel Stop” setting per landing, to control resetting fuel counter
  • Added AOA (Angle of Attack) gauge, for supported devices (such as the B.O.M.)
  • Added “Require Fly Over” setting per waypoint
  • Additional support for displaying Indicated AltitudeNow 2D map rotates with EFIS view in TrackUp mode. (better visual result)
  • Numerous small bug fixes and enhancements



  • Added EFIS/Synthetic Vision View: Touch Map Mode -> EFIS to enable (not supported on some platforms)
  • Higher Terrain Resolution: Enhanced the visual display of terrain highlights and vertical profile
  • Advanced Custom Waypoints (additional group, size, color, and icon options)
  • Alternate Flight Plans: Enables you to load "Alternate" flight plans
  • Highlighting of Filed Plan Status
  • Target Altitude instrument can now "snap to current Altitude" while in flight
  • Added support for Custom Raster Layers for corporate / fleet accounts (contact Adventure Pilot to discuss this option) 
  • Additional route line color options 
  • Numerous other fixes and enhancements



  • Multi-Device subscriptions now support 4 devices (instead of 3)
  • iFly now runs on Windows! (PC's and tablets)
  • Added enhanced Traffic Radar instrument
    • Added larger display size options
    • Ability to show/hide with tap
    • Ability to show Radar for new Traffic Alerts
  • Added support for ADS-B Pressure Altitude readings
  • Traffic reports now show 'Indicated Altitude' (requires Pressure Altitude from ADS-B)
  • Added "Altimeter (Indicated Altitude)" instrument (requires Pressure Altitude from ADS-B)
  • Flight Plan form more clearly denotes/displays the current target waypoint
  • Added Stratux WAAS mode detection
  • Added TPA and "Runway Thresholds" to Airport Information form
  • Enhancement to calculation of ETE and ETA
  • Flight Trails list now shows each flight duration, for reference
  • Waypoint instruments can now be configured to remain visible on last leg of flight plan
  • Projected Course Line length is now configurable (defaults to 10 minutes ETE)
  • Dozens of smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Added message boxes for Storage Location Transfer, so that user is aware of what is going on.
  • Bug fix for VST.
  • Clicking Waypoint in Flight plan form now crops map to Ownship and Waypoint (consistency), instead of just centering on that waypoint.
  • iFly on Windows now does the Auto-Restart automatically (e.g. when changing Windowed mode or resolution).
  • Added iFly GPS Web Link to our store from "My Account" form, since Windows app doesn't offer an in-app store.
  • Windows devices now detect screen rotation or resolution change, and tells user a restart is required.
  • Fixed Double-tap response for Waypoint instruments.
  • Traffic Radar Visibility menu is now accessible from 3 menus, instead of just one.
  • Bug fix for Windows Landscape Windowed mode losing it's custom Instrument layouts.
  • Critical Fix for crashing that frequently occurred when pinch zooming out.



  • Now you can select Window Size for Windows platform.
  • Now you can select which Drive to use for your iFly data, rather than only permitting it to be the "C:\" drive.
  • Enhanced clarity of "Current Waypoint" in the Flight Plan form, now much easier to notice.
  • Flight Plan Form now auto-scrolls to new Current Waypoints, whenever they switch over.
  • Traffic Radar instrument can now be configured to only show when selected traffic conditions are met, or if a Traffic icon is selected.
  • Vertical Flight Planning form is now wider, for wide screens.
  • Fixed bug with clearing altitudes for a flight plan with procedures but only a single altitude for the whole plan.
  • Fixed issue with persisting map state when you go to FullScreen plate/diagram, then back to map.
  • Fixed Airport Info "Schedule" text.
  • Fixed issue with too easily being taken out of ownship tracking mode.
  • Waypoint/Final instruments now crop the map to show it.  2nd tap shows the QuickView.
  • Waypoint instruments can now be configured to remain visible even when on the final leg of your flight plan.
  • Improved the Dynamic Dist ring ETE time readout.
  • Fixed AppStore purchasing issue that could result in service calls to resolve a subscription issue.
  • Course Line now defaults to 10 minutes in length, and can be configured.
  • Now the Dynamic Distance ring updates in real-time as you pan the map, rather than waiting 0.5 sec for quick draw to occur.
  • Laying out Instruments is now easier to make them snap to each other, with a little snap logic and doubled the size of the snap intervals.
  • Fixed a few AutoDetct Target Waypoing nuances.
  • Fixed an HSI and XTE issue with polarity.
  • Compass Rose now shows fewer significant digits (e.g. 29 nm instead of 28.7 nm).
  • Tapping the Altitude Settings instrument now shows the Metar Info from which it obtained it's pressure reading.
  • Modified style of the thin-route line to make it more visible, so that it's less undesireable by many pilots.
  • Fixed Flight Renaming bug.
  • A few other small fixes.



Runs on Windows Phones, Tablets, and PC.

  • Added Countdown Timers.
  • Added Sync Devices feature, as well as Restoring previous user data (settings, plans, layouts, ...)
  • Added ADS-B Nexrad CONUS support, plus fixes for Regional Nexrad as well.
  • GPS fix for many LG phones/tablets.
  • Added Turn timer, and early turning for auto-pilot except for FlyOver waypoints.
  • DirectTo feature enhancements.
  • Miscellenous other fixes.
  • Fixes in 10.0.29 for Windows Beta only:
  • Added true support for Full-Screen mode, with pixel-scaling to accomodate.
  • Added User Option to toggle Full-Screen vs. Windowed Mode.
  • Allow user to toggle Tablet vs. Phone mode for resolution selection.


Fixes in 10.0.26:

  • DirectTo bug fix.
  • Fixes to logic that auto-detects the next target waypoint.
  • A few fixes for error detection/recovery logic.


Fixes in 10.0.25:

  • Sound/volume fixes for Windows.
  • Modified behavior of Turn Instr. (e.g. turn timer doesn't come on now until it reaches 30 seconds from turn, instead of 60 sec).
  • Switching to next waypoint now set at minimum of 3 seconds lead time, instead of 7 seconds.
  • "Hide Plates Button" now confirms this with msgBox and tells you how to bring it back, but only if you have plates in your plan.
  • Better fix to prevent Instr Layouts from being wiped out on iFly Devices.
  • Fixed issue where "Freq" for navaids was being truncated on Flight Plan.
  • Fixed the 'tracking' mode map skew animation issues.  Now it's rotates gradually with your turns, instead of 15 degree increments.
  • Clearing all altitudes now prevents them from coming back sporadically, so that you won't see altitudes on the map view.
  • Full Screen Plates Mode "More Plates" button now shows you "More Plates" as it should.
  • DirectTo now has no confirmation, and now you can "Restore" the original plan, if desired.
  • Flight plan -> "Load/Save" option now includes "Reload Current plan" to make this easier.
  • Attempted fix at various Windows UI lock-ups and crashes (e.g. the pinch-hold, and the Create Custom Waypoint "others...").
  • Fix for "Target Altitude" instrument which was mistakenly showing "SURFACE" label for non-surface target.


Fixes in 10.0.24:

  • Reduced volume "click" sound, and added click sound to Windows.
  • Fix for Instrument Settings overwrite.
  • Optimized Nexrad image processing (reduce CPU load).
  • Fix for VST.  Now it doesn't "look ahead" too far.
  • XTE instrument now shows 'feet' again, when < 1000 ft.
  • True fix for the HUAWEI tablet GPS issue.


Fixes in 10.0.23:

  • Fixed Aircraft Tracking mode bug, and now does smooth animation for the offset, instead of abrupt snap.
  • Fixes to 'Sync Devices' feature.  Now you can 'Opt Out', and user messages are more informative.
  • Fixes to AutoDetection of target waypoint.
  • Fixed a couple Direct-To bugs.
  • Intended Track Line now always shows up once you get more than 7 degrees off course.  Works great for DirectTo another waypoint.
  • Fix for migration of Instrument Layouts for iFly Devices.
  • Target Altitude now shows 'FINAL' instead of altitude for an Approach Runway.
  • Fixed issue where 'Distance' readouts were showing 'feet' when < 1200'.  Now it continues to show 'nm'/'km'/'mi'.
  • Fixed Altitude Optimization, to never deviate from the minimums specified for approach waypoints.
  • Fixes for new 'Timers' feature.  Added new icon buttons to form.
  • Fixed GPS for HUAWEI tablets, which break from the NMEA spec.
  • Fixed bug with DirectTo on first waypoint.
  • Windows now looks inside '#FlightPlans' folder for GPZ/KML plans.
  • Show Intended Track Line, now has 3 settings:  Off, On, and 'Only when off course'.
  • Stopping Simulation mode now resets the registered Ownship speed to zero.


Fixes in 10.0.20:

  • Timers revamped!  Now you can bind a timer to a specific instrument if you want, and control it's visiblity.
  • For timers that are bound like this, tapping the instrument shows a short-cut menu to start/stop/reset.
  • Added two more timer instruments, making a total of 5 now.
  • Sync Devices enhancements:
  • Added more help text to clarify the OVERWRITE dangers.
  • Now OVERWRITES prompt the user for permission.
  • Prompt user to auto-delete extra files on local device, after doing a download sync.
  • If user not logged in, instead of just failing, it now takes you to the login form.
  • If you download sync a flight plan with same name as Active Plan, then the Active Plan gets overwritten as well.
  • Target Altitude instrument enhancements:
  • Shows "SURFACE" whenever the target altitude is an airport landing, runway, or < 50' AGL.
  • Now front-loads descents for Approach step-down fixes.
  • Fixed Device Sync Upload bug.
  • Fixed Instrument Layouts reverting to Defaults, bug.
  • Several other bug fixes.


Fixes in 10.0.16:

  • Fixed License Error for iFly Devices (bug was in 10.0.14).
  • Got it working for iOS (iPads/iPhones).
  • Device Sync now works for the iFly Devices (except for the 700).
  • Fixes for Device Sync.
  • Simulation Mode now auto-starts your Aircraft to align itself with your Route.  Center the Route Line to Align to.
  • When landing an Approach, fixed bugs associated with nearing/crossing the Runway threshold.
  • Made the "Missed" waypoint more visible and easier to select from the map.
  • Started revamp of Countdown timers.  Now Adding them is a little easier and cleaner.  More to Go!


Fixes in 10.0.13:

  • Tweaked logic for Device Sync uploading.
  • Airport Zone logic revised per beta tester feedback.
  • No longer sounds an alert when leaving the airport, but only when entering an airport zone.
  • Provide user setting to disable this Airport Zone alert, so that it doesn't make a sound or show the button.
  • When Alerts are OFF, now there is a blue circle around the airplane, when in flight.
  • Fixed bug which prevented saving of Flight Plans.
  • Fixed Android bug where iFly would fail to transfer your existing flight plans to the new format.


Fixes in 10.0.12:

  • Fixes to Alerting.  Now you can toggle Obstruction Alerts separately from Terrain Alerts.
  • Warning alerts now just make more pleasant "Ding" sound instead of the more startling "Squawk" sound.
  • Bugs fixed with regard to alert form showing when all alerts were fully disabled.
  • Auto-Taxi zoom-out restores last map zoom, but constrained to much tighter zoom range.
  • Auto-Taxi now preserves the "Tracking Airplane" state of the map.
  • Turn Instrument now shows "TURN" for a few seconds when it's time to turn.
  • Added TurnTimer instrument, which only shows up when < 60 seconds until next turn.
  • Auto-Detection of Target Waypoint logic enhanced.
  • Selecting "DirectTo" on future waypoint now gives option to not modify your flight plan.
  • Calculation of VMG (Velocity-Made-Good) paused for critical moments in flight, to prevent gross inaccuracies.
  • Bigger Vertical Profile thumbnail sizes available, and with bolder graphics.
  • WinCE patch for Serial Port connection stability.
  • Attempted fix for left-margin of Windows Landscape Fullscreen mode.
  • Enhanced declutter logic for Fix labels on map.
  • Battery Level now shows 'charging' overlay on top of battery level %.
  • Vertical Profile not prioritizes waypoint labels better.
  • User can now always uncheck 'Multiple Altitude' checkbox in Vertical Profile.
  • Bug fix to Altitude Optimization logic.
  • Flight Plans are now separated into separately named files.
  • Route Line thickness for "thin mode" adjusted.


Version 9.8 Update
  • Flight Plan menu now includes easy loading of IFR Procedures and Airways – IFR Pilots are now able to load IFR Procedures and Victor Airways quickly and easily from the Flight Plan menu
  • ADS-B Device Auto-Detection feature - Automatically select and connect to your ADSB device in the connected devices menu.
  • Enhanced Emergency landing logic - Emergency Assist logic now accounts for relative course and local winds when recommending an airport during an emergency.
  • Target Altitude - "Target Altitude" now available in the Instrument menu
  • Metar/TAF's - now use solid dots and will increase/decrease in size as you zoom in/out

    UI Enhancements:

  • Enhanced presentation of data on the Weather Information form
  • Obstructions on map now show MSL/AGL for each when zoomed in
  • Drag route-line now shows the Course between waypoints
  • Enlarged obstruction icons and compass rose for use in tablet mode
  • Added "Current Location" instrument option, which drops a Custom Waypoint when tapped
  • Decluttering of Route labels on the map
  • Added two larger vertical map profile size options
  • Updated Wx tab in Quick View mini-form
  • "Reverse Route" option added to the top of the Flight Plan form
  • SkyGuard TWX control panel accessibility and enhancements
  • Enabled side-ways swiping for Vertical Flight Plan to level out uneven altitude settings
  • Ability to add/remove custom waypoints quickly

   Other Enhancements:

  • Increased support for multiple Android devices connecting to the same Dual-XGPS190 device
  • Plate/Diagram opacity settings now separately controlled for Day Mode vs. Night Mode
  • Added sound volume settings for Android devices
  • Optimized memory for weather data processing
  • Enhanced Wifi Recovery logic

Version 9.6 Update
  • Terminal Area Forcast Mode -  From here you can move the Time slider to see the Forecast Flight Rules for a specific time... upto 24 hours out
    • Touch Map Mode and then the gear by METAR/TAF and then you can check to enable the TAF Visual Forecast
  • New TAF Graphic "dots" added to the Metar/TAF Mode
    • Larger dot is TAF and smaller dots are METARs. (Green = VFR, Blue = MVFR, Red = IFR, Magenta = LIFR
  • Improved METAR/TAF presentation for Full Screen Weather Form.  "More Info" from QuickView Weather Tab
    • More improvemenst coming in 9.7.  Coming soon!
  • "All Clear" for iOS 9.3 now.  iOS 9.3 "Yellow Tint" Chart Fix
  • Additional Improvements:
    • Updates to the Fix/Intersection Database
    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Version 9.4 Update - "Taking iFly GPS to new levels"
  • Hi-Resolution Winds Modes and Planning. Fly Smart and More Efficiently! Hi-Res Winds Aloft feature!  Check out the MapMode ”Winds Aloft" layer and the “Time” and “Altitude” sliders.
    • Winds Optimized Flight Plans.  Use Hi-Res winds to recommend an IFR or VFR altitude base of new Hi-Res Winds and forecast departure time.
    • Route Altitude labels added to Altitude Planning Form. Also shown on Map for selected waypoints, see Nav tab.
    • Altitude Planning form now allow user to drag route line up/down.
  • Weather Enhancements provide better situational awareness.
    • New graphical AIRMET/SIGMET map layer, supports both Internet and ADS-B supplied data.
    • NEXRAD performance and memory improvements.
  • New features in Vector Mode provide even more customization. (Decluttered Mode)
    • Fixes Layer added to the Vector Mode map.  Fixes are shown when searching for IFR Fixes from NRST form.
    • Obstruction Layer now enabled for all Map Modes.  Obstructions shown on charts at hi-zooms (not just Vector).
    • Changed Obstruction symbols to dark-blue, to contrast better against the new "Fix" map icons.
  • Powerful Direct-To optimizations to reduce workload even more. 
    • New Flight Planning Shortcuts. Tap-Hold on map for quick Flight Planning and other shortcuts.
    • Flight Plans now supports for two simultaneous Flight Plans, and a new "Previous Plan" button allows pilots to Flip/Flop between plans.
    • Loading a saved Flight Plan while in-flight now auto-inserts current location as 1st waypoint for that new plan.
    • Now you can "DirectTo" any waypoint in a plan, not just future ones.
  • ADS-B Improvements and hardware support.
    • New ADS-B Traffic presentation facelift.  Also adds On-Ground, Non-Directional and Callsign details.
    • Traffic Alerts form enhanced to show a relative pointer with color coded proximity.
    • New Relative Altitude tag for Traffic icons on map, +/- x100ft.
    • ADS-B NOTAMS and TFRs enhancements to map presentation.
    • Added Support for L-3 Lynx Models, Stratux DIY ADS-B and the Dual XGPS190 w/AHRS.
    • NavWorx ADS-B performance improvements.
    • SkyGuardTWX configuration panel fixes.
  • Online Flight Filing updates.
    • Filed Plan Briefings are now decoded to "plain text" format.
    • Aircraft Color entry is now standardized via multi-checkbox list.
    • Flight Plan Briefing now retained, for use after you File the plan.
    • New ”Special Handling" field to Filed Plans (e.g. SAR, MEDEVAC, HAZMAT, etc)
  • TFR Enhancements for your increased safety.
    • Alert text for TFR's now shows the Active start/end times.
    • Inactive and Active TFRs now more clearly depicted on map.
  • Fullscreen Plates / Diagram Mode modifications.  
    • Reduced Route Line when in Fullscreen Plate/Diagram mode for improved plate briefing.
    • Remove Instruments in Full Screen Mode and sped up button hiding for better plate viewing.
  • User Interface Optimizations and Improvements make iFly GPS the easiest to use.
    • Extended Runways improvements. Adjusted colors and presentation. Better Traffic Pattern depiction.
    • New Phone Dialing for FBOs and Communications phone numbers.
    • New Enhanced Measurement Tool, no longer requires you to drag the endpoints.
    • Added "Density Altitude" to the QuickView "Wx" tab text.
    • Opacity improvements.  Terrain and Airspace layer transparency are now saved.
    • Fuel Prices now offset to the right, to not overlap the Metars visual beneath them.
    • Text boxes now permit mid-line editing. (instead of always editing from the end).
    • Moved "Show Past Flight Trails..." option to the "History" menu.
    • Added Icons for SW X-Wing Fighter, Millennium-Falcon.
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • iFly Device Specific Improvements
    • Auto-recovery for NMEA Output. (700, 520, 720 and 740 models)
    • iFly 740 Wi-Fi Auto-recovery ensures optimal WiFi & ADS-B connections.

Version 9.3 Update
  • Enhanced Weather Presentation
    • We revamped the presentation of the Weather map layer.  It now shows METARs / TAFs as new "dots" with Wind Barbs.  (Weather Imagery and Winds optomization is coming in v9.4)
    • Weather Info form now provides plots with the option to view only Decoded or Raw text.
    • Added a Weather "Update Now" user options to force an immediate update.
    • Airport Information page now shows local Metar info and graphic.
    • Nexrad Animation now continues until stopped by User. To activate touch screen, Wx tab and then "Animate Nexrad"
  • Navaid Improvements
    • We now show Navaids(VOR, VORTAC, NDB, etc) on Vector Mode.
    • The QuickView "Nav" tab now shows the closest Navaid (e.g. VOR, NDB, etc). Tap to pinpoint and the "Flight Planning to insert into plan"
    • Navaid ID's added below the Naviad icon on the Vector Mode.
  • Online Flight Planning Improvements
    • ICAO support for Special Equipment and Surveillance Equipment.
    • Added ICAO-compliant Flight Plan Filing interface.
  • Distance Measure Tool
    • Measure Tool now works on the iFly devices (720, 740, and 520). Touch a reference point, then touch Nav tab on QuickView window, touch More Option and select Distance Measure Tool. 
    • Added Bearing marker to Measure Tool.
    • On Apple or Android, simple touch with two fingers, then you can drag each endpoint for precise measurements. 
  • Miscellaneous
    • "Plates" button now remains visible once the first plate is viewed.  Use it to quickly access other plates and settings. 
    • Various improvements to the Plates and Full ScreenPlates interface.
    • Vertical Flight Planning form now shows a "you are here" indicator to show progress.
    • "Browse Map Legends" option added to the "Switch Maps" button menu on the man screen.
    • Various Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements. 


Version 9.2 Update
  • Local Device Sharing
    • Share Flight Plans and Plan Modifications with local Wi-Fi connected devices running iFly GPS.
    • Simply touch Flight Plan -> More Options -> Share with Local Devices. Then accept the Sharing request on other local devices.  
    • The device sharing is started from is the Master or Host.  Other devices will receive changes made from the Master or Host device. 
  • Full Screen Plates Mode added for geo-referenced Plates and Diagrams.
    • Once you've accessed a Plate or Diagram, touch the Plate Settings button for the options to enter Full Screen Mode.  
  • Emergency Assist added to NRST form for emergency landing options.
    • Touch the "!" Emergency Mode button on the NRST page to enable.  Airports will be recommended and color-coded in Green, Yellow and Red based on the Glide Ratio entered into the Aircraft Profile.
      • Green = Recommended Landing
      • Yellow = Questionable Landing 
      • Red = Not Recommended for Landing
    • For optimal performance, please enter the Glide Ratio into the Aircraft Profile.  Found on the Flight Plan page under More Options.  
  • New NRST Mode Filters
    • NRST results form now defaults to Filtered Airports.
    • Added additional Filters.  Simply touch Filters on the NRST page and select the desired filter.
  • "Add Waypoint" added to Flight Plan - pilot can now also Insert waypoint into nearest segment.
  • Added support for new STARs format.
  • Toggled zoom level Visibility for TFR's in IFR map mode.
  • More fixes to enhance ADSB data processing reliability.
  • Various small fixes and cosmetic changes.

Version 9.1 Update
  • Enhanced NRST
    • The new NRST function features at-a-glance information to take the guesswork out of searching for nearby Airports, Navaids, Fixes and Custom Waypoints.
    • Touch the NRST button for a detailed list of nearby Airports, Naviads, etc with relative direction and distance, airport information, runways, weather and common frequencies.
    • Touch for quick access to more details or Fly Direct-To.
  • Smart Search Keyboard
    • The improved “Smart Search” keyboard dynamically lists the best-matched options as you type. Enter a name, location or identifier and watch the Smart Search keyboard filter work.
    • Enter a single string flight plan (example, “KGGY RIPON FISKE KOSH”) to quickly build a complete plan with fixes and airports.
    • Never again will you need to specify if it's for a Code Search or Text Search, iFly GPS knows. 
  • Hide SUAs above Altitude:
    • Pilots can now Hide SUAs over a specified altitude.  Keep those irrelevant High Altitude SUAs from cluttering your screen.  
    • Simply Touch Setup -> Alerts & Warnings -> Airspace Alerts -> SUA Display Mode and touch the bottom Hide option to select the desired altitude.  Uncheck to disable this feature. 
  • Performance and enhancements to ADS-B Weather and Traffic processing.

Version 9.0 Update

  • EasyView HD Seamless Charts - iFly GPS has gone seamless.  Enjoy uninterrupted navigation over VFR and IFR charts.  For the iFly 740 and the iFly GPS App we've taken our image processing to a new level to improve the crispness and clarity of these new chart.  (Touch Map Mode -> Select VFR for Sectionals[WAC, TAC, SEC] or IFR Low. Notice the new IFR High Charts too.)
    • Crisper, higher-resolution VFR & IFR charts
    • Chart overlap now ensures no "clipped" data
    • Easily toggle between TAC, WAC, Sectional, IFR Insets, etc
    • VFR charts dynamically switch between TAC, SEC, WAC based on zoom level
  • Dynamic Overlays - Quickly add and remove layers for NexRad, Terrain, Metars, Approach Plates and more directly over VFR and IFR charts.  Adjustable layer transparency and color inversion optimizes readability on various type of charts.   (Tip: Touch Map Mode -> then toggle the layers you want show.  Tap the settings gear next to the layer to adjust opacity and preferences.) 
    • Adds Nexrad, Metars, TAFs as a layer to any Chart
    • Adjust Nexrad transparency to enhance visibility
    • Easily toggle obstructions, traffic, terrain, etc
    • Fuel Prices and FBO data now supported on all models and Apps. 
  • Smart-Legends - iFly GPS has legends, Smart Legends.  There are times you want to be able to see the invaluable details on chart legends. Smart legends allows you to quickly access these legend.  (Touch Chart -> NAV on Quick Info popup, then Legends)
    • Fast access to chart legends
    • View legend info by type
  • High Enroute IFR Charts - We are taking off to new a higher level. iFly GPS now has High Altitude IFR Charts. Seamless and HD make these a logical choice for any high flyer.
  • Quick-View Popup - You and info and you want it fast, we understand that.  Our new Quick-Info popup anticipates what you want based on your touch point and trend.  Quick access other information like WX, Airspace info and more with a single touch.  Say goodbye to all those menus.
    • Anticipates and summarizes the information you need
    • Summary popup cross-referenced with map highlights
    • Zoom to selected items
  • Approach Plates overlaid on charts - Ever want to see your Approach Plate or Taxi Diagram over a Sectional or IFR chart, now you can.  
    • Adjustable transparency maximizes chart readability
    • Invert plate colors for high contrast view
    • Pin plates to your flight plans
  • Airport Diagrams overlaid on Real View images - Wow! You can even see an Airport Diagram over a RealView for impressive airport awareness.  Simple zoom in to any airport on a Sectional or IFR Chart and watch the RealView and Airport Diagram magically appear.  Now that's very cool. 


Version 8.4 Update

  • Fuel Prices  iFly GPS for the iFly 720, 520, iOS and Android Apps now offer pilots "free" fuel price updates built into the existing annual subscription.  We've sourced and added a comprehensive Fuel Price database from GlobalAir.com.  This database include 100LL, JetA, MoGas and more.  
    • Touch Map Mode -> Show Fuel Price or view prices on the Airport Information page.
  • FBO Services Database – We've added a new feature to help pilot know the FBO and Service available to enroute and destination airport.  The FBO database provides details of Fuel Availability, Restrooms, Crew Cars, Pilot Services and more. 
    • Touch and hold any Airport -> select Airport Information and scroll to FBO Services. Shortcut: tap the Fuel Price.
  • Improved Flight Filing  We've added a more exhaustive aircraft database and the ability to save multiple Aircraft Profiles.  Features are under Flight Plan on the App and 720.
    • Touch Flight Plan -> Online Filing -> complete the form and choose Briefing or File Plan under Options.  Return to Activate or Close Flight Plan.  
  • Traffic Radar Instrument – This new "Traffic Radar" provides an independent view of ADS-B Traffic on a high-contrast background while maintaining full screen chart visibility.  Set your own "What's Important to ME" view. 
    • Add the Traffic Radar using the "Setup -> Instrument Layouts" option.  
    • Tip: Touch the "3nm" in the upper left corner for custom altitude and range settings to Narrow or Broaden your scale of the "Traffic Radar".  
  • New Terrain & Traffic Alerts  The new Traffic and Terrain alerting allows for greater customization of alert thresholds. We've separated the Collision Alerts into Terrain and Traffic, both with their independent alert and visibility thresholds.
    • Check it out under MENU -> ALERTS and WARNINGS.
  • Additional Improvements and Enhancements:
    • Improvements to ADS-B Ghost detection.
    • UI enhancement to Show Extended Runways
    • On-Screen Rotation Prompt w/ Instructions
    • Easier Registration Form with De-Register Option. 
    • Various other minor UI and bug fixes. 


Version 8.3 Update (iOS 8 Tested & Ready)

  • New Phone Mode – iFly GPS now supports the iPhone and Android Phones with a fully functional phone-friendly user interface and adjustable font sizes.  The new phone mode enables larger buttons and larger text to ensure a enjoyable phone mode experience.
    • Touch Menu -> Setup -> Screen Settings -> Screen Layout... then choose Phone or Tablet.
  • Online Flight Filing & Weather Briefings – We've added a new feature to File, Activate, and Close Flight Plans.  Additionally, pilots can get online weather briefings while connected to the internet.  No 3rd party account setup is required.  Flight plans are filed directly to the Lockheed Martin Flight Services system.
    • Touch Flight Plan -> Online Filing -> complete your plan and then touch Options to File, Activate and Close.
  • Multiple Aircraft Profiles – Allows pilots to setup multiple aircraft profiles and assign custom aircraft icons to profiles.  Aircraft Profiles now offer more custom details like Fuel Type, Runway Type, Max Altitude, Fuel Capacity and more.  These will be used for future features like Airport Filtering, Fuel Price Searching, Flight Planning and more.  
    • Touch Flight Plan -> More Options -> Aircraft Profile.  You can use the options to add more Profiles if needed.
  • Traffic Pattern Indicators – Pilots now see Traffic Pattern indicators overlaid on the Airport Thumbnail, RealView and Extended Runways for quick reference of “Right” or “Left” traffic patterns.
    • Tip: In addition to the Extended Runways, see the Traffic Pattern on the Airport Info Thumbnail and in RealView.
  • New ADS-B Status Instrument – Instantly gives pilots a visual of their ADS-B Receiver/Transciever status.  Messages will show Receiving, Out-Of-Range, and even Transmitting status complete with a Squawk Code if using the SkyGuardTWX Vision-Pro / ADS-B Transceiver.  A simple tap of the Squawk code will allow the pilot to change the Squawk code within the iFly GPS App.
    • To add Instrument: Touch Setup -> Instrument Layouts and then ADD the ADS-B Status Instrument.
  • Improved Traffic Icons – New ADS-B Traffic icons are now larger and more visible for wide area zoom levels.  An altitude tag was also added for more zoom levels to allow for quick and easy traffic altitude reference. 
  • Advanced Extended Runways options – New Extended Runway extensions can now be shown for individual runways or for all runways for one or several airports.  iFly GPS Runway Extensions are a function of the airport, not a blanketed feature that clutters valuable screen real estate like some other apps.
    • Touch an hold on an Airport...then select Extended Runways and choose the the runway/s you want to extend.
  • Improved Rubber-Band Feature – A new Red target visual now indicates the “Rubber Band” mode is active and the route line can be modified.
    • Touch and hold the Magenta Route line, a Red Target will appear to indicate the line is ready to drag.
  • Various Performance and Stability improvements - We've taken extensive measures to improve performance and stability in this update.  Various bug fixes and improvements include improved stablility, faster searches, better menus and more.


Version 8.2 Update

  • New Updated Pilot-Friendly Interface - iFly GPS Dedicated Devices, Apple and Android devices are now unified to the same updated UI.  Check out the improved readability and ease-of-use with the updated V8.2 Pilot Interface. Higher contrast buttons and text are also larger in size.
    • Touch Menu -> Setup -> Screen Setting to set the overall font size)  We also improved the Follow Plane, Switch Maps, Zoom +/-, and Alerts buttons to activate above the bottom button bar. 
  • Auto Wi-Fi Weather w/ NEXRAD - Enjoy automatic weather and NEXRAD when connected to a Wi-Fi internet source. Simply touch Map Mode --> Weather --> and see updated METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, NEXRAD and even TFRs from the FAA.
    • Touch the Radar Status box when in Weather Mode for an Animated Loop.  You can also touch and hold anywhere on the map to to access the full Weather Information from context menu.
  • Improved Night Mode - Sometimes you just need to take it down a notch.  We have improved Night Mode to dim more effectively, making the iFly GPS friendly for those night eyes.
    • NEXRAD Radar images are now dimmed for night mode.
    • RealView images are also dimmed for night mode.
    • Enabled additional dimming throughout UI (Flight Plan Page, NRST, even Instruments)
  • iFly 520 UI Improvements to Readability
    • We've added Larger Fonts throughout, bigger buttons with higher contrast for an better overall experience on the 520's smaller 5" screen.
    • Performance improvements to touch response, faster searches and more. 
  • ADS-B Improvements and Additions:
    • More devices supported (NavWorx, FreeFlight, PathFinder)
    • New Active ADS-B Tower count in Radar Status box when in Weather Mode. 
    • Weather Animation is now toggled from the Radar Status box itself.  Just touch it to toggle on/off.
    • ADS-B tower location icons added on maps modes. 
  • Improved Performance & Stability - We've taken extensive measures to improve performance and stability in this update.  Improvements include smoother panning/zooming, faster searches, better menus, exhaustive bug fixes and more.
  • Additional Features and Improvements: 
    • Radar imagery support added to iFly Connect & iFly 720 Wi-Fi Updates
    • New "Track Aircraft" feature. Touch Traffic Information -> Select Track Aircraft to keep an extra eye on that plane.
    • "Weather Information" shortcut added to the "Opt" button menu on Flight Plan page.
    • Higher Resolution raster maps! Sectionals, TACS, WACs, and more. Optimized for the iFly GPS. 
    • High Resolution water features "hydro" for more detail of coastlines and smaller ponds for Vector Mode reference. 
    • AGL Instrument added to Customize Instruments setup.  (Tip: Add by touching Setup -> Instrument Layouts -> OK -> Add Instrument and select Altitude AGL, position it and save it.)
    • Route dragging now shows "leg" distances between the respective waypoints.
    • Most pertinent Obstruction Alert is now called out above other obstructions on the map.


Version 7.7 Update

  • Improved ADS-B traffic w/ altitude tags - Allows the pilot to quickly identify traffic with critical altitude information relative to the current position.   See the Altitude of the alerted traffic along with a visual arrow to show if that traffic is climbing or descending.  (Tip: Touch and hold the traffic in questions, then select Traffic Information from the context menu to seem full traffic details like speed, heading, callsign and more) 
  • Improved ADS-B GPS Switching- We have optimized GPS signal handling from 3rd Party ADS-B manufacturers to better transition between internal and external antennas.  We also improved Fix Quality accuracy. 
  • Levil AHRS / SkyRadar Support - Pass-through support added for the Levil G-Mini AHRS data when connected to a SkyRadar "Y' splitter. 
  • Improved Vector Mode - Higher resolution & higher contrast map elements.  We darkened the Water Features and brightened the base map to improve contrast and further enhance readability. ?
  • and other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


Version 7.6 Update

  • RealView Airports provides satellite preview image of over 12,600 Airports. There are several ways to see the RealView.  (Not available on the 700).
    • Touch and hold the desired Airport and select the RealView Airport Option.
    • From any Airport Information Page, touch the Thumbnail of Runways, you should see a "Touch for RealView"
    • Go to Vector Mode and Zoom in on any Airport, once you get to the magnified levels beyond Zoom 1, the RealView should appear.
  • AutoTaxi+ pops the Airport Diagram upon landing; likewise it transitions from Taxi Diagram to Chart Mode upon Take-off. If the airport does not have an official FAA Diagram, then it will use the RealView Airport Image if available.
    • (Tip: Menu -> Setup -> Map Settings -> AutoTaxi. You can either enable or disable it.  Default is disabled.)
  • WAAS Enabling is now on the iFly GPS, all models.  Improves GPS accuracy using the WAAS System.
    • It is defaulted to be on. You can change by going to Menu -> About -> GPS Information and check the "Use WAAS when Available".
  • Fix Quality Meter is an on-screen instrument to show GPS signal and WAAS status. Also use it to quickly begin and end a simulation.
    • Add the instrument by going to Menu -> Setup -> Customize Instruments... Add the Fix Quality instrument. Place the new instrument in the desired location and save. There is only one size and color for this instrument.
  • Dynamic Distance Ring is a dynamic tool, which tells your relative distance to any object you put the ring on. As you pan off the screen, you will notice the Aqua ring expand until it reaches the center of the screen. There is also a distance box always located at the position icon's 2 o'clock, approximately.
    • Touch Menu -> Setup -> Map Settings -> Distance Rings. You can choose from Hidden, Dynamic or Fixed.
  • Hybrid Compass Rose is a 360-degree compass around your position icon, which includes a Nav bug, if a waypoint is active. It also includes a distance reference on the ring located approximately at your position icon's 2 o'clock.  (Tip: Just put the blue track line on the orange waypoint ball on the compass rose and you'll get there every time.)
    • Touch Menu -> Setup -> Map Settings -> Coarse/Compass. You can choose from the Compass Rose, Course Line or None. (Note: Using this would allow you to remove the Coarse Tape and Ball at the top of the screen.)
  • New Airplane Icons. We've added more options and they are larger too.  Fun stuff here.
    • Menu -> Setup -> Map Settings -> Aircraft Icon, then just select from the list.
  • Fly Direct-To Lat/Long. Now you can fly to a lat/long without adding a Custom Waypoint.
    • Added to the Fly Direct-To page or Find Airports page. You may use Decimal, Deg/Min/Sec or Deg/Min.
  • Additional ADS-B Support and Better ADS-B Traffic reporting and symbols. When connected to an ADS-B that supports traffic, we now show all reported traffic on-screen. We've even made the traffic icons larger and they dynamically flash when in alert or critical status. You may also touch and hold the traffic icon and then touch Traffic Information for more details.
    • SkyGuardTWX ADS-B Transceiver/Receiver support.  Clarity ADS-B and iLevel ADS-B receiver support along with AHRS. Added compatibility for these new devices. You'll connect them to the iFly 720 using Wi-Fi on the 720. The iLevel supports wired connection with a special connection with so it will work with the iFly 700 too.
    • Traffic will be shown on all map modes if supported by the attached ADS-B receiver.  With an active AHRS, the iFly's FARS system will be engaged (Flight Attitude Recovery System). If you exceed a defined threshold (example 25 deg of Bank and 40 deg of Pitch) a warning tone and a pop-up Artificial Horizon will alert you to the condition and aid your progress back to straight-level flight.

Version 7.5 Update

  • Portrait Mode Support
    • The addition of Portrait Mode will allow the iFly GPS to be rotated for vertical mounting and improved reference of Approach Plates.
    • Portrait Mode also provides more flexibility to mount the iFly GPS in various applications and aircraft installations. 
    • An AirGizmos panel dock kit supporting Landscape or Portrait installation is now available on the iFly GPS store.  Also include a space behind the iFly GPS  for our external backup battery for an extra clean installation.
  • Instrument Panel (Interactive Page)
    • The new Interactive Instrument Panel mode provides another visually intuitive way of navigating.  Pilots can design their own page of instruments the way they like.  The possibilities are almost unlimited.
    • Customizable displays of navigational data, flight information, and an active attitude, terrain and collision alert system.
    • Ability to drop an HSI or Artificial Horizon (AHRS required) directly on to the Moving Map Screen. 
    • New tools include an HSI, Turn Coordinator, Vertical Speed, Altimeter, Groundspeed.  Dedicated Instruments for Plates Mode and an optional AHRS driven Artificial Horizon and more.
    • Access Terrain, Airspace Alerts, Flight Plans, Plates and more directly from the Instrument Page.
  • WAC Charts and Additional Canadian Database Coverage
    • Pilots flying in regions of Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean will gain improved chart coverage with the addition of WAC charts.
    • Expanded Database Information for Canada.  Added 100's of additional airports and other information.
  • Expanded ADS-B and Third Party Device AHRS Compatibility
    • Support for Clarity ADS-B Receivers with and without SV (AHRS)
    • Support for NavWorx ADS-B Receivers via Wired Connection
    • Support for the LEVIL AHRS and iLEVIL ADS-B / AHRS Device  (Currently iLEVIL is Beta)
    • Include on-ground ADSB aircraft
    • Rudimentary support for external serial GPS input
    • Spatial Disorientation Alert System (Pilot configurable when connected to an AHRS Device)
      • Audibly alerts pilots when in an unsafe manner of flight.
      • Visually alerts pilots with an on-screen Artificial Horizon to aid in correcting aircraft attitude.
      • The audible and visual alert will stay active until a safe attitude is achieved for 5 seconds.
  • Other Enhancements and additions.
    • Clicking the Vertical Profile instrument now toggles off the large view of Vertical Profile
    • Extended Runways now show when dragging a route line or panning
    • New support of Single Sting Entry. ( KTKI  KSTL  KOSH)
    • Clicking the VP instrument now toggles the large view off
    • Customize Instrument "Select Instrument" list box font is larger, to make it easier to select your instrument
    • Removing a Map Markers now requires a double-tap to reduce chance of accidental removal
    • Significant gains in performance
    • Flight Plan Form revamped, much easier to improve scrolling and more
    • Implemented Night Mode colors for Flight Plan Form and Find Airports results
    • Plates Mode now resorts to showing "NorthUp", but still allows user to switch to TrackUp manually
    • Custom Location, Enter Lat/Lon form now permits you to type 4-digits, instead of only 2
    • Logic to prevent auto-switching of Charts
    • Improved Scrolling and Scrollbar
    • Alerts Form employs this new Scrollable Panel, and no long resets scroll to top.

Version 7 Update

  • Terrain and Obstruction Highlighting
    • Provides detailed Terrain and Obstruction highlights for the ultimate situational awareness while flying in mountainous or terrain/obstruction rich areas. Terrain Highlights are overlaid on all GPS modes, Charts, Plates, Diagrams, etc with the exception of Weather Mode.
    • There is also a new Vertical Profile instrument with multiple sizes in the Customize Instruments setup. By touching this instrument, you can access a full page view of the Vertical Profile ahead with zoom adjustments
    • You can now drag to a specific point on the chart/screen and start a Simulation from that point. As you approach the ground you will see the terrain highlighting and receive audible alerts.
  • Advanced Alerting System (Terrain, Obstructions, Traffic, Airspaces, etc)
    • We’ve added a new Active Alert window offering a smaller layout with active text reporting. You can select “More” for additional details. The “Setting” button is currently inactive. We’ve also made improvements to the Acknowledge functionality. Note: this Alert Window is also movable so you can position it and it will stay.
    • Audible alerts added based on the strict rules defined by the FAA standards. Callouts include: Caution Terrain, Don't Sink, Five Hundred, Pull-Up, Sink Rate, Terrain and Too Low...
  • Vertical Flight Planning
    • Allows pilots to reference the terrain highlights in relation to the active Flight Plan. You can see a Birdseye View and Profile View. A Minimum Safe Altitude will be shown for your flight plan.
  • Macro-Zoom in Vector Mode
    • While in Vector Mode, pilots will now be able to zoom to much tighter detail.
    • Added Obstructions, Terrain and variable detail based on zoom level.
    • Simply zoom in and you will start seeing the following: Zoom Level 1 (Magnified X ) [width = XXnm]
  • View PDF Documents
    • Copy some PDF documents to a thumb drive, or (using your computer) create a folder on the iFly's SD card called \PDF, and then copy your PDF documents there.
    • Touch "Menu", there should now be a "View PDF Documents" option - touch that and select your desired file
  • Additional Enhancements and Updates.
    • Addition of new Icons (Airplane, Helicopter, Green and Blue Arrows)
      • Located in the Map Setting Menu.
    • Improvements to GPX file handling and saving.
    • Fixed NMEA to be compatible with EFIS connectivity.
    • Addition of “Back” button and reorganized context menus.
    • Numerous code improvements to improved rendering.
    • Additional enhancements and software fixes.

Version 6.5

  • Disable "Auto-track plane" option when viewing plates or diagrams
  • Updated splash screen 
  • Improved interface to ADSB receivers
  • Added Shutdown option from Exit menu
  • Fixed bug setting altitude on some waypoints
  • Fixed bug when creating new flight plan while in flight departure point was not airplane location

Version 6 Software

  • Geo-Referenced Approach Plates & Airport Diagrams
    • Pilots can now track their current GPS position directly on top of the NACO Approach Plate and Airport Diagrams with geo-coded data by Essential Flight Technologies. A pilot can see the flight plan, instruments and has the ability to make split-second modifications on the geo-referenced approach plate. Both Plates and Diagrams support full rotation for maximum viewing further increasing the supplemental situational awareness the iFly GPS offers for both VFR and IFR pilots. Geo-Referenced Plates and Diagrams are updated as part of the VFR & IFR Annual Data Subscription.
    • The Geo-Referenced FAA Airport Diagrams provide additional safety while navigating unfamiliar airport taxiways. The iFly GPS database is pre-loaded with over 700 geo-referenced airport diagrams. The new airport diagrams will also be updated as part of the VFR Annual Data Subscription. All VFR and IFR charts and diagrams are updated according to the FAA data cycle.
  • ADS-B Weather Support
    • The Version 6 Software Update adds ADS-B Weather Support for third party ADS-B devices. Pilots can now see live Nexrad radar, METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft and PIREPs. ADS-B provides pilots with a no-cost weather feature if they have a third party ADS-B receiver like the SkyRadar by Radenna. This new weather mode offers a simple layout with route visuals, airports, weather stations, and an interactive touch feature to pull a weather report nearest to the pilot’s touch point.
    • The pilot can then select METAR, TAF, Winds Aloft or PIREPS as they wish. In addition, pilots without an ADS-B receiver will benefit from an enhanced downloadable weather feature called Pre-Flight Weather. This feature provides an interactive map with graphical VFR/IFR visuals and allows for touch reporting of METARS, TAFs and Winds Aloft. A user will continue to see current position, flight plan and instruments while viewing the weather mode.
  • Enhanced Pre-Flight Weather
    • Interactive graphical VFR/IFR Map, METARs, TAFs and Winds Aloft.
    • Touch weather reporting for the nearest station to your touch point.
    • Airport names added to METARs and TAFs.
    • New Interactive Weather Report format.
    • Raw Text for METARs and TAFs are included.
  • Higher Resolution Vector Mode
    • Now includes Private Airports
    • Added lakes, rivers and additional roads.
  • Additional Enhancements and Updates.
    • New "Direct-To this Waypoint" function on the Flight Plan form.
    • Reorganized UI context menus.
    • Fastest graphics and process speeds to date.
    • Additional enhancements and software fixes.

Version 5 Software

  • New Airport Information Page - includes the following enhancements:
    • Improved Page Layout.
    • Increase / Decrease font size.
    • Runway thumbnails added.
    • More information (Fuel availability, runway width, city, lighting schedule and more).
    • Added "Nearby Airports" button for quickly finding nearby airports.
    • Night Mode darkens and inverts colors.
  • NMEA Output (Autopilot compatibility).
  • Runway Extensions - select your desired runway and display a visual guide.
  • New VST (Vertical Speed to Target) Instrument - calculates target decent rate to reach pattern altitude at your desired distance from the airport.
  • ETA Final & ETA Waypoint (Estimated time of Arrival) Instruments added.
  • New Indicated Track Line.
  • Day/Night Mode - darkens all chart modes and inverts colors on the airport info page, plates and diagrams.
  • New Snap-To functionality when dragging route - now you can drag a route to an airport, fix, etc.
  • Auto Airspace Alerts. Customizable in type, distance and altitude buffer.
  • Auto-Track mode - automatically resumes tracking the airplane after a user defined period of time.
  • Chart Expiration Warnings - a safety message will pop to ensure this time sensitive information is noted.
  • "Are you sure" confirmation will pop up when selecting "Direct To" option from context menu or from the airport page (only if this action replaces a current flight plan)
  • VMG now calculates average speed from the past 15 seconds.
  • Renamed "Course" instrument to "Track".
  • New "No GPS Lock" and "Weak GPS Signal" banners, GPS status messages are now smaller.
  • Distance Rings - added 2nm and 5nm when at close zoom. Improved visibility.
  • Re-organized "Settings" menu.
  • "Desensitized" route dragging logic to preventing accidental route modifications.
  • Improved GPS lock detection - also differentiates between a weak signal and no lock.


  • Fixed bug: Not showing nearest airports correctly
  • Fixed bug: Unable to load some GPX files
  • Fixed bug: METAR mode would not show up if METARs were never downloaded
  • Fixed bug: When in "True North" mode, flight plan always had 123 deg for all segments
  • Fixed bug: On the flight plan page touching "Save As", then "Cancel", the flight plan would still be saved
  • Fixed bug: Nearest Airport dialog was excluding private airports
  • Fixed bug: Touching a private airport on the map would not display airport information
  • Fixed bug: In certain situations, the buttons would fade out and not return
  • Change: Improved memory management and performance when doing a lot of panning/zooming
  • Change: Airport text in Vector Night mode is now white (instead of black)


  • Added TAC charts
  • Added North-Up capability
  • Added option for Magnetic North
  • Added Wind Flags to METAR view
  • Improved airport & runway labeling in Vector mode
  • Added Altitude information to SUA popups
  • Add instrument that shows name of next destination and next Waypoint
  • Ability to "Lock" course lines, disabling the touch & drag feature
  • Added ability to view currency of plates and low-enroute charts
  • Airport Information page now shows lat/lon in various formats
  • Added ability to import GPX flight plans from 3rd party applications
  • Added option to control how button-fading works, Full-Fade, Fade a little, Don't Fade
  • Added support for viewing "MINIMUMS" 


  • Fixed bug causing corrupt tile/sectional layers
  • Fixed bug where SUA altitude information not being shown



  •  - Optomized tile cache
  •  - Renamed "Airports Near Here" to "Airport Information"
  •  - Changed what is visible in vector mode while dragging
  •  - Added ability to customize how SUA airspaces are shown
  •  - Added "Show on Map" option on the Airport Information page



  • Improved overall panning/zooming performance 



  • Fixed Bug: Airport Info not showing for some airports


  • New: Low-Enroute Charts.  Must subscribe to the extended Data Subscription service to access this feature.  Click the "Mode" button to access.
  • New: "Mode" button now shows a drop-down of options to select from
  • New: Ability to customize instrument size, location, and color.  Also able to add additional customized instrument modes.  See "Menu" / "Settings" / "Customize Instruments" option.
  • New: Ability to create & name customizable waypoints by lat/lon or clicking on the map.  Also search has the option to include custom locations, and these can be shown on the map.
  • New: Able to download METARS and goto the "Mode" / "Metars" screen to view metars on a map.  Touch a metar to get detailed information.  (Mostly useful for pre-flight planning; once in the air metars data rapidly becomes dated)
  • New: Able to name flight plans
  • New: Added a Night Mode which has darker coloring
  • New: Increased font sizes throughout
  • New: When you touch the screen to drop a Spot Check marker, there is now an "Options" button that allows you to pull the context menu for that spot.  (This functions the same as holding your finger on the map for one second)
  • New: Added "Find Airport" hot button
  • New: Added Traffic Pattern Altitude to airport display (when data is provided, nothing will show otherwise; presume standard)
  • New: Added "Flight Plan" hot button, removed this option from the Main Menu. 
  • New: Added an "About" menu under the main menu button
  • New: Added a "Course Line" optiongoto the Setup menu to enable/disable this option
  • Change: Moved "GPS Information" and "Sectional Information" options from the Settings menu to the About menu
  • New: Added "Support & Contact" menu option to the About menu
  • Change: Changed the "Checked / Unchecked" images under various menus to Radio-button style "Selected / Unselected" images
  • Fixed bug: From the Airport Info form, when pressing "Direct To", screen would sometimes lock up
  • Fixed bug: Selecting a past flight now shows up right away without having to switch map modes


  • Fixed bug: The Flight Duration would sometimes display an extra hour
  • Fixed bug: Route Line would dissapear when flying through a TFR
  • Fixed bug: The GPS Information page was incorrectly indicating altitude was AGL instead of MSL
  • Change: For a new flight plan, presumed departure point will be the nearest airport within 1.5NM radius, reduced from 5NM.  (If no nearby airports, or if you are already in flight, departure point will be current lat/lon)
  • New: Route lines are wider and darker so they stand out more
  • New: Added a "GPS Reset" button to the GPS Information form
  • *New: The iFlyUpdatePackage zip file will be deleted from the USB driver following an update
  • *New: Changed the update app to accomodate Apple Mac users (Mac's modify the zip file after downloading)
  • *New: The update zip file can now be named anything that fits this pattern: iFlyUpdatePackage*.zip

*A new "Updater" app will be deployed with this patch.  Therefore changes/fixes to the update process will be applicable for future updates, not this one. 

Version 2.23
Released 1/27/2010

  • Fixed bug: "Out of Memory" would sometimes occur when rotating charts.  (This is still possible, but occurances should be dramatically reduced.  Additional optimizations in the next release will further eliminate this error)
  • Fixed bug: The remote "Mode" and "Map" buttons not working correctly 
  • Fixed bug: If starting in Vector mode, an empty Message Box would appear 
  • Fixed bug: When in a menu, could not select "Cancel" option with the remote control 
  • Fixed bug: While updating the iFly the following message could appear: "Error: Unable to deploy SatelliteCompas.png".   (This message does not actually cause any problems.  It will happen one more time as this version is being applied; future updates should not see the message.)
  • Fixed bug: Grabbing a route line to perform a "Rubber-band" change could cause the iFly to freeze for several seconds. 
  • Fixed bug: Estimated time in route on the flight plan form would sometimes display an additional hour
  • Fixed bug: Corrected truncated text in the "Total..." labels in the Flight Plan form 
  • Fixed bug: TFR Warning Message would appear even when TFR data was current
  • New: Added iFly version number to GPS Information form (Menu / Setup / GPS Information) 
  • New: Made it easier to "grab" a route line or waypoint in order to drag it

Version 2.22
Released 1/17/2010
**First released version**